Makes sense: Obama's son Trayvon Martin a drug dealer.

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  2. The article asks Was Trayvon a drug dealer ? and your title says Trayvon was a drug dealer.
  3. Not all blacks are drug dealers. For example Oprah and Obama are probably not drug dealers, to the best of my knowledge.

    But are most drug dealers black? Does anyone have the numbers on this?
  4. The allow internet access in special-ed these days.
  5. The best you can do is a website that has links to white hate sites - and an article asking "is Trayvon Martin a drug dealer"?

    There is proof that Trayvon Martin was an A/B Honors student (GPA > 3.5) for both the 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 academic school years based on a list of students published in the local newspaper after the school year was completed.

    I guess high grades give you a propensity to be a drug dealer based on the reasoning in your article.
  6. Was Martin a drug dealer ?

    Any arrest for selling drugs ?..NO

    Any convictions for selling drugs ?...NO

    Were drugs found on him after Zimmerman murdered him ? ...NO
  7. You idiots are more biased than the media. What this shows is that Trayvon Martin may not have been the angel the media's painting him to be.
  8. He's black and that all that matters.

    And by the medias own definition a white guy, just like Obama is, is the killer.
  9. Let's create some other media headlines:

    Was Trayvon Martin a mass murderer?

    Was Trayvon Martin a white woman rapist?

    Was Trayvon Martin a alcoholic?

    Was Trayvon Martin a 9/11 Muslim terrorist?

    Was Trayvon Martin a (fill in your fabrication here)?

    It's all OK, we are only asking, eh?
  10. Why don't you ask them of Zimmerman?
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