Make yourself a day job

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    Seeing that times are hard for some, it could be a good idea to start your own business togethor with trading - locally if you are short of money.

    Lets have some ideas

    To kick off with an idea

    one could start one's own garden maintenance business with a few basic tools and those of the property owner eg lawn mower etc.
  2. There are quite a few possibilities, most though require manual labor initially till you get a few customers then hire some workers.

    Mowing lawns, house cleaning, painting, hauling junk to the dump for people.
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    Find at least 2 good looking chicks and xxxxxXXX
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    you can post an advertisement in craigslist. Like a local man has done. Basically it says

    "hire me for $20 an hour"... trim trees, move furniture, fix this, help with that, clean here pick up there, help an ederly person with get the idea..Basically he is yours for $20.00 an hour... this better come with a happy ending..:D
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    Reminds me of that Clint Eastwood cowboy film where he sets one leading power group against the other and collects both ways.
  7. "hire me for $20 an hour"...

    Going way back, I'll never forget the customer who said "You should sharpen you pencil" when I quoted $20 an hour.

    Umnnn okay, "If you want a $10 an hour man, I can do that".

    He said that's not what "I meant".

    He knew and I knew I could work slower.