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  1. Too many jokers making calls - and then forgetting about the ones that bombed OR after the market tanks, they reply: 'Yes my stop was hit, took a 1c loss only"

    This is the thread to make REAL trading calls - swing trades or longer term plays ONLY

    Provide screenshots of the trade execution

    Reasoning/logic behind the trade - IMPORTANT

    And QUANTIFY your stop loss point
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    How much are you paying for this?
  3. LOL :D , something like that.
  4. shorting eur/usd from 5113 to 5000. too lazy to do the rest :p
  5. its annoying enough to get a screenshot of my daily PnL. And now you want us to provide a screenshot of the execution ? Sorry, I don't have time for that, but I'd still be more than willing to show a few of my plays tomorrow.

    Def. not showing screenshots though. Maybe at the end of the day.
  6. Long EMKR @ 12.49

    Set an alert @ 11.70

    Price moving up on increasing volume. Anticipating a breakout of the downtrend. Will reverse and short if it fails.
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    Long AFN bought at 3.25
  8. short 2000 fnm @ 28.15
    then the shit hit the fan and my charts etc were freezing for like 30 seconds at a time. PANIC attack!!!
    buy to cover 2000 FNM @ 31.13
    bye bye six thousand, I'll miss you.
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    short: The United States of America
  10. the market will fluctuate
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