Make Your Next Trade a Winning Trade

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sKaLpZ, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. For a limited time, I am offering to one special person who I will select based on who replies to this thread the opportunity to make his/her NEXT trade a winning trade.


    1. Those who are interested in my offer must post on this thread indicating their interest.

    2. After selecting the lucky winner, I will name the pair, direction, and give the entry signal and the exit signal.

    This will be on a single overall trade (possibly having multiple positions).

    3. It will all be done by my direction (when to open, when to close, etc.)

    4. It will be 100% open for public viewing.

    The trader I select to do this is required to open a demo acct (broker will be designated). I will set up the demo platform for trading, but the trader will make the actual trade.

    The trader must be willing to take a snapshot(s) of the trading platform (and trade progression) and post it here on this thread so others can view.

    Though it will be done on a demo, it is up to the trader if he/she wants to run the trade on their own live trading account. If so, then that acct is not to be posted openly.

    Again, this is a single opportunity offer. I will direct the trade, entry to exit.

    No previous trading experience is required. My direction is free.

    The trade will be a winner - 100 points profit - guaranteed.

  2. mirtex


    That looks like enough fun, I can try that :)
  3. I just realized that nailing 100-points publically in an open forum would give way too many trading keys away.

    the Coinz-bashers may see them and become better traders.

    don't want that to happen.

    so, I'm modifying the offer, from making 100-points to just making a winning trade.

    one trade. a winner.
  4. Skalpz- why???

    Not saying there is a catch to what you are doing just curious as to your motivation. Are you building up to selling a system....

    Honestly, I'm not trying to be negative here, just curious.
  5. seeings I have no systems for sale. No.

    If I DID have a system for sale, there's a thousand other ways to demo it besides offering a single winning trade for free.

    By "winning trade" I mean having the acct Balance go UP when the trade is closed.
  6. mirtex


    OK, as I said im in to play your demo trade. Always willing to try new things.
  7. Well, I am interested to see the result . . I have read similar patches before. The results always . . . .
  8. and that's the answer to Let It Run's "Skalpz- why???" question, because there are people interested in seeing the results of the trade.

    this is a traders' forum, after all.

    If a thread generates interest, what better reason is there to post the trade.
  9. I am intrested Skalpz...Count me in
  10. I see that you have climbed down from a guaranteed fixed point winning trade to just a winner. I am not trying to be sarcastic here but any trader worth his salt could do that. Just pick a very high probability scenario and you are there! What really matters is consistent results over the long run. Again I do not know what you are trying to prove and I am not trying to berate you. Just my 2 cents worth.
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