Make your million(s) now - don't miss out - setups & turns road map

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  1. Joe_D


    S&P500 stay LONG as northbound 8-yr million dollar move continues in mature TREND territory

    Keep eyes open and wait for confirmation of the historic turn aborning

    Then make your millions on the way down over the subsequent 2-3 years

    Then retire for life, as you go LONG again. Check your account weekly from the Caribbean or location of your choice.

    Turn(s) will be documented in real-time right here

    Welcome all

  2. DeltaRisk


    Buisness cycles.......
  3. Joe_D



    God rewards the disciplined one(s)

    Firstly, why people are calling for Shorting the S&P is just plain baffling. TREND is still up so why argue, no genius thinking necessary. Not a single indication of TREND weakness has showed up yet. Wisdom dictates that even if one has a hunch that the bull-run is over, it is strongly advisable to wait for confirmation of a reversal - then jump in with a big bet (5% of capital in Tranch 1). Tranches will be piled on rapidly as more TREND violations occur.

    So, a quick look at the daily timeframe:

    2017 S&P500 daily.png

    Uptrendline intact as a virgin, not even remotely threatened = stay LONG
    If 4/13/17 low is violated I will pay close attention, but will not act, rather will wait
    to see if the blue trendline and the 100% Fib get violated. Then and only then will my focus change to SHORT. If that does occur, the new STOP will go one hair above the TOP.

  4. Joe_D


    If she's loyal, why breakup or Short her? = if Macd 0-line is not violated why close LONG?

    US markets are delivering looooooong weekly stretches of Macd > 0-line. Such phenomena are the makings of new millionaires in the markets

    Don't waste these opportunities

  5. Overnight


    Oh no, not this again. Vanz, I ain't following this one. The 21087-YM-shorting-for-1K-points thing was enough for one year. Or three.
  6. vanzandt


    What I do?! :D
    I'm just sitting here waiting for the market to collapse.
    OT: You really should try DPZ's thin crust pies. Pretty tasty.
  7. Joe_D


    STOP raised to 2287
    If/when Top is taken out, STOP will be raised to 2315

    Why "If" ?

    Because of 2nd law of Trends: a trend can reverse without prior notice and on a dime - add to that this Trend is aged, well over historic norms

    Wishing traders success

  8. Joe_D


    Thank you, Your Excellency, I'm aware of the business cycle theories shown below, but a TREND surfer is best served by blocking out all noise and just simply following higher lows in the instrument of his choice and making all entry, reentry and/or exit decisions based on just this one observation
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    Two weeks ago I attended a funeral for all the geniuses who were calling death of the bull ever since 2009. In 2014 they were deafening and some got violent. So many blew their accounts and went broke - the bodies are still alive but the funeral was for amputated spirits.

    And all the while I'm international tripping on holiday will just one look per day at just one factor and one factor only on my chart, "is the recent wave low intact?"

  10. Joe_D


    One of the greatest benefits of going into battle totally alone is that there are no external voices to listen to - and discipline shuts down one's inner demons and voices ferociously.

    S&P500 original work by Joe: major, major levels of resistance near at hand @ 2482 & 2510

    What mathematical structure is the S&P's bone marrow? What game is he playing?


    He's taken the outside wave of the Great Depression and extrapolated to a perfect hit @ 1973 bull market top.

    Then he went rogue but he can't fool Joe :D Instead of the outside wave he went for the utterly butterly deliciously simple Extension wave with resounding hit @ the 1987 crash top.
    Having fooled everybody he then continued with the Extension wave with direct hit at the bull-market top of year 2000.

    Therefore, extrapolating further, we get one of the numbers I've shown up above.

    These are guidelines - only a confirmation of violation will cause me to close LONGs

    Just when I think I've got him figured out, he could go rogue again, hahahaha, so I stick to my game plan = wait for confirmation regardless the solid upcoming wall of fire resistance.

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