Make your goals/predictions here for 2019...

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  1. My goals: Start daytrading and make 10K/year.

    2019: Bear market resumes....SNP likey drops 15%+.
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    My goal is to do live real what I can do in live sim when I am in daytrade mode. All I gotta' do is just flip the bloody switch in the software. Oi vey!

    As for a prediction? I predict the market will move up or down some % from its current closing price over the course of 2019. That is the only thing I can predict with 100% accuracy.
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  3. quite open ended here , for those who lost 20% or more in options selling strategies in 2018 , any thoughts on the approach to 2019 , will you be switching your stock picks to a more recession proof portfolio like say MCD seems to have done ok in 2008 . and second is this sounds like a recession that can be avoided by the fed , any thoughts around that ? as in this is not like 2008 , fed can kick this further down the road if they wish too ..
  4. Why don’t u move from sim to a small live account. Forex brokers have cent and micro accounts, not sure what you trade?
  5. sorry was talking about equities options trading , forex is a beast and i dont think i can tame that ..
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    My trade system says with 90% success past performance that the SPX will go down once more and challenge 2018 lows, breaking under. The only goal is to break under, for one minute or one decade, I don’t know. My goal is to see weakness at a topping point and short down to the last low.
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    My algos do not predict they react:)
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  8. Oh, I don’t really like the options thing. Forex is more fun but a bit annoying sometimes. It either goes sideways or straight up or down! Its weird to trade compared to anything else
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    You are the real deal. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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