Make $ w/ $2,000?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jasrlew, Jul 23, 2003.

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    It seems like there are alot of traders out there trying to start small and grow it to a sizable account.
    Alot of experienced traders seem to say that a $40,000 account to begin with might be a good idea which is fine but if you don't have it, well ya' gotta start somewhere.

    My question is this: Experienced Traders: If your trading account was wiped out and all you had was $2,000, could you make money on it? Any particular strategies?

    Just curious.
  2. 168


    you sure can make money on a $2000 account,but you need a part time job to support yourself at the same time.
  3. H2O


    I think we can exclude all stock trading

    - < $ 25K allows no day trading
    - with "only" $2k you cannot take the drawbacks for overnight trading

    So it comes to futures, options or forex
    I think in futures it will be very hard (due to your risk exposure)
    With opions I have not much experience......
    Forex might work to build your acct.
  4. Trade 1 lot of the YM and use tight stops. Should be OK :)

  5. It is very difficult to make money when you can only buy 25 or 50 shares of something. You need it to go up $1 or $2 just to make $50 or $100. With the risk of holding for a couple of days while you wait for those moves, you are facing a daunting task.

    You should save up until you have $8000 or $10000.
  6. Undercapitalized businesses fail most of the time!
  7. If you're trading stocks, I think it will be very difficult. You can do it with futures though since you have more leverage.

  8. acrary


    2k, 1 Emini, daytrades problem.
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    In Futures, your best bet is probably buying options.. Your risk is limited and they are not that expensive to get into. Or Day trade the E-Mini S&P ..
  10. I think the S&P e-mini might be too expensive to that I mean if he uses a 4 pt stop-loss, that's $200 (10% of his acct). I would start with something that has a smaller tick size like the YM ($5 per point), so even a 10 pt trailing stop is only $50 risk.

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