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  1. zxcv1fu


    Can you make the thread starter be able to trim the un-related posts to focus on the tread subject title?

    Elite has many interesting threads. Many threads have tons of pages, it wastes lots of time to go thru it in one's life time. I always wish the thread starter can provide a summary from time to time so I can forgo many pages to get to the point. I am providing summary from time to time in the "trying to find good chat room" thread to save everyone's time.

    Then I was thinking If the thread starter can have the right to weed out & present a brief version. It will be more efficient for members to benefit from the posts since summary is too short. I am still going to provide summary too to get to the point.

    It will be good to provide a botton for complete version & brief version so member can decide which option to take.

    This way moderator do not need to work so hard too.
  2. Baron

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    We had a thread on this a while ago and most people who chimed in said they did not like the idea of every thread starter essentially being given the power to be a moderator, which would inevitably result in wildly different moderation standards from thread to thread, and could ultimately cause people's replies to be edited or deleted just because the thread starter didn't agree with them.
  3. How about putting on post numbers'
    That way maybe the originator could "work" with the mod. by suggesting specific post numbers be deleted or edited.
    Maybe the mod's could use the help?
  4. zxcv1fu


    Thanks for the speedy response.

    If you give the option for member to see the complete version or the brief version. It is different story. It is difficult to keep the focus in the thread.
  5. nitro


    What you could though is allow the thred starter to mark a post from some category, like rude, out of context, etc etc. There would be a little icon that would appear somewhere on the post to indicate that the threads starter has marked it for later evaluation by the moderator. The moderator of the forum would get emailed to all such marks on the forum he moderates.

    Then the moderator would go in once a day and delete the posts that are marked that he also agrees with the thread starter. It then becomes like the Government with two checks and balances.

    Finally, other posters get feedback as to what the standards of the poster are in relation to threads s/he starts.

  6. Baron

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    A thread starter can already do that by clicking on the complain button for each of the posts he wants to flag to the mod.
  7. zxcv1fu


    I would like to keep it simple. Every thread has something good for members to share information to help us on top of our trading business.

    The thread brief version is like Briefing news that contain the good part of the thread that worth reading to learn the information of the thread subject in no time.

    Last night I was reading this thread:

    I was going to find out some information about Wavetrader2004 since it has something to do with a new chat room (trying to sell their software) in Paltalk. I was checking if it will worth my time to check it out. Half way I have to stop by pure exaustion:(

    It is just takes too much time & effore to go thru the posts to get the goods.
  8. nitro


    The difference is that we do not get to keep statistics ourselves about what a thread starter considers antagonism, or whether s/he is trying to revoke those opinions that are not his/hers. We also get to see if the moderator him/her self is being biased, as if the post is not removed, it shows that there is a difference of opinon between moderator and thread starter, which I think is also important.

    In addition, by having a post marked as innapropriate, other ETrs can also get feedback as to what is appropriate and what is not if the marked post is ultimately removed. Right now, when a post is deleted as a result of a complaint, the only person that gets that feedback is the one whose post was deleted.

    Finally, I think there should be two buckets. There should be the bit bucket, where the post gets obliterated from ET, and there should be a way to spawn off a thread from a post that while may be innapropriate may still be interesting. I for one when I start a thread don't care where it goes because sometimes where the thread is taken is more creative than the question/statement that I thought was interesting. I guess you can start that thread yourself seperate from that thread, but the "momentum" of a thread within a thread has it's own dynamics.

  9. Baron

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    I understand what you're getting at, but most people don't want to just know if a post is inappropriate, they want it removed so they don't have to waste their time reading it, and others like it. No?
  10. zxcv1fu


    If each thread has 2 options for the member to choose, I think it is better.

    I'd like to read the brief option version first. If I have lots more time, then I may want to read the complete & un-cut option version. It is just on top of my wishing list. I do not know if it is possible in the Elite database management.
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