Make the poster's IP visible?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Thug_Life, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. On other message boards, the IP address of the poster is listed with the post. This would at least make it harder to have so many aliases.

    Are there security concerns with making an IP public?
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    If your IP was displayed openly with every post, your chances of getting hacked would increase dramatically. So yes, it could definitely be a security concern.
  3. Babak


    It is not necessary to make the IP visible, it could simply be stored (just as nick/password) and only one per nick/password allowed. That would do it.
  4. I don't think I would want a guy with the alias Thug_Life having my IP address:p
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    That would be fine if IP addresses were unique for everybody, but they're not. Most ISPs assign IP addresses dynamically, so the IP address you have right now may be assigned to another person as soon as you log off or your internet activity stops temporarily.
  6. Babak


    Baron, you're right. Although ISP's cycle IP addresses once in a while (6 months or more can pass between changes).

    How about requiring a regular e-mail address, instead of free web based ones (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) for an account. That would mean that someone can't create aliases using the same e-mail address or use several (free and fast to set up) e-mail addresses to mask. Is that feasible?
  7. I agree with that idea. Something's gotta be done. As soon as a thread gets out of hand it's always populated with new signups, surprise surprise.

    My cable ISP uses dynamic ISP addressing so as mentioned before that won't work. Dial-up accounts get a new one each time.
  8. Yes there are definate security implications to making IPs public, as mentioned above. Also I believe anyone with a firewall can mask or display a generic IP, rendering what you want to do useless (ie, ID the same poster under many aliases). Also, its possible to spoof someone else's IP, therefore you could post and make it look like it came from someone else's IP.

    Looks like there is only downside to this option. Cast my vote AGAINST making IPs public.
  9. Ken_DTU


    just an idea, might be good to have folks register as a member here for $5 or whatever paid via credit card to Baron, then those users would then get a verified member icon by their handle.

    this would verify their unique ID via credit card verification, plus give some differentiation to those who are board supporters/verified
    you could also have verified member-only areas of the site etc..

    I tend, as most would, to be suspicious when I see a glowing review or a flame for a commercial service from someone with zero/1 previous posts:

    eg "I recommend this wonderful site" by someone with no posting history, or a flame, eg "this site is awful" same thing ..

    like buying from an ebay seller with no feedbacks.. same issue..
    to maintain integrity it would be good to offer .cc verificiation, add an icon to those members with it, and tell members to take feedback from unverified low-post flames/raves with a grain of salt... and also, to require anyone with a commercial affiliation to clearly state that in their profile.

    ... ideas?

  10. I do not want to publish my IP and do not want to provide my credit card number. Forgot, also will not tell you my social security number.
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