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    i wonder if we can make the main function of the EA, int start() faster than what it's now

    cose i have an EA for counting ticks.....but it some time lost some ticks and didnt record it

    hope i can find a solution

    the EA is attached
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    i see that the attachment have been downloaded for 5 times

    hope i have one reply with a solution .......thanks :)
  3. ABDI


    i see that the attachment have been downloaded for 5 times

    hope that i have i reply with a solution ..........thanks:)
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    hi..any one has an idea abuot this ....
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    Not sure if it's the EA problem, from my lil experience, mt4 only runs on the second level, meaning if the tick comes in less a second, it will be missed.

    Also, how do you test this EA anyway?
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    hi...thanks for ur reply

    Iv used this record the ticks to an excel sheet

    at the same time i watch the tick window in the MT4 that u can see if u open a new order the left

    after watching for some time and (recording) using a pen....i then compered the result from the tow sources.....and found some tick that didnt recorded by the EA....
  7. The problem is in your EA code. Your ea only executes on new tick in the pair you have the EA is attached to. Then it reads the last tick in ALL the pairs you are interested in. If the last tick is different from the previous tick in that pair you write it to file. The problem is that if there were more than one tick in the pairs the EA is not attached to, those ticks will be missed.

    I have an EA that does what you want to do without losing any ticks, but you have to attach it to all the pairs you want to record. I will dig it up and post it here.
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    ....thanks for u..... i will wait for ur EA
    hope u will find it.........
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    thank u my frind for ur help........
    i will test it in is Saturday here now

    but did this EA need special settings?
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