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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by guauld, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. guauld


    I am sorry but when I see threads like "ok lets think where to put money in now"

    such threads are a complete waste of text and Baron's bytes, why don't you take a look at what a successful trader like me does

    I worked for years to develop methods and even indicators that work but I am still at it, always seeking better ways

    *Just Spent 8 hours programing

    *didn't go out in 9 days now

    *have only few remaining friends, others lost touch with

    *my family believes I need to take a longer vacation

    Do you SEE IT, do you see what it takes in this business

    compare yourself to me grasshoppers

    ask yourself, can you compete with a lunatic like me :)

    PS: I am in futures, wouldn't touch stocks with a ten foot pole :eek:
  2. kowboy


    May I offer a reason?

    I find these treads useful in order to share ideas for longer term investments such that less intensive energy is expended securing mainly capital presevation and secondly future income. I'm not going to put all of the capital on the line each and every day via daytrading. Way too intense.
  3. guauld


    I understand, some of us though started with very little and needed intense to make enough money to matter

    sucks to be me :( :D
  4. Dobra Dan

    Yes it is possible. You seem to think there are secrets but really there isn't.

    The only secret is keeping your mind in check (after you know what to do of course).
  5. I agree with your post, but WHY do you keep starting new user names??

  6. Joab


    Well there your problem.

    Your not trading to make money, your trading because your obsessed with it and you have a problem.

    I probably make 3x what you do and I do it in 30 mins a day.

    Yes it took 20 years to get here but WHY would I want to work hard once I found something that works and gives me a great lifestyle?
  7. guauld = c-kid/cold/triggger/jasonn etc...
  8. guauld


    how would you know what I make

    I pity those who must spend hours picking stocks and setups

    No way to live IMO
  9. guauld


    do I know you :cool:
  10. another guess Ivan?
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