Make Money with Roubini Sentiment Indicator

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  2. Reguardless of anything N. Roubini has to be respected because he stands his ground. As far as the sentiment indicator there seems to be some convergence on the last segment of the chart. That would place the market momentum on the the bullishside. The market absorbed the last geopolitcal issue quite quickly. Earnings that are released should carry the trend for the remainder of the fiscal year.

  3. auno who roubini is but hes a damn good contrarian indicator
  4. Roubini from oct. 29, 2010:



    Kettle, meet Pot.
  5. jokepie


    He should stick to economics and not predict the stock market.
  6. S2007S


    Will the market collapse again, im sure it will but every time he speaks people laugh at him, who knows what will become of this economy and market in the next 2-3 years but there will be another crisis that will be even worse than the one were in now.
  7. Bob111


    imo-at those levels of market and economy interventions by the FED the "normal" logic (which Roubini is trying to appy) will not work
  8. Pekelo


    You mean if one sticks to the same side long enough he will eventually be right???
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