make any mistakes in the business?

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    Weeks ago,I got an email from a guy asking me for prices of our hospital uniforms.The article numbers of the tyles and sizes were also sent to me.

    I responded this email by asking the buyer to fill in a form of us with more detailed information(basic info of his company and quantity he wants,date of shipment,port of destination,terms of payment,quality and etc).And asked him to send me those before I could quote him our prices.

    But now another 2 weeks past,there is no reply from the buyer.

    Did I make any mistakes in the business? What shall I do ?

    Do you have suggestions to put forward for me according to your business experience? Thank you.

    Charles Qin
  2. hes shopping around, and by asking for more information, you gave him resistance. He probably emailed others in similar business. So hes just looking to do a quick price comparison and neglecting the ones that takes him time to respond.

    next time someone asks for a price send prices of everything in the broad categories he asks for.
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    Thank you so much for your guidance!

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