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    Somebody asked for a free, real time quote ticker in another thread. For those at work who just want to follow one stock, here is my own creation/solution, since most stock tickers are either not free or not real time. (if you know one, let me know)

    So here is how you do it:

    You are going to have to use 2 browsers, Opera for the ticker, and whatever you want as your working browser. Let's make the Opera ticker first:

    1. Using Opera, go to and put the desired symbol in. Since this website has real time quotes and it actually refreshes by itself in every 5 secs or so, you have a live quote.
    2. Now we have to minimize the browser to the smallest, when the price still can be read.
    a/ Shrink the page by 50-60% using View in the lower right corner (Status bar).
    b/ Delete ALL toolbars using Tools,Appearance,Toolbars.
    c/ Minimize the browser window to the smallest, but the price should be still showing.

    This is how it should look:


    So when you work with your main browser, you could bring this little ticker up anytime by clicking on the Opera tab in your Taskbar. If you are really picky, and want it to be "always on top, always to be seen" while you are working, here is what you do:

    3. Move the minimized Opera ticker to the lower right corner.You can push it out of the monitor, so the price is in the very corner.
    4. You have to make your browser slightly smaller, so the Opera ticker shows. So size it, by using the Windows arrow and make room for the Opera ticker.

    You can actually choose if you sacrifice 1/2 inch vertical or 1/4 inch horizontal monitor space. Here is how it looks:


    Now you have a free, real time, always showing quote ticker!

    Edit: Misterno found this program that helps a window to stay always on top, so you don't need to sacrifice monitor space:
  2. well stay away from DM2

    Iinstalled it, it was working fine but although it uses less than 1000K in memory somehow it stalls all other applications. I have only 5 pages of IE open and all of them slowed so much that I needed to exit DM2 application

    As soon as I exited DM2, everything went back to normal

    So be aware
  3. Pekelo


    OK, so back to my solution. I actually simplified the process using Chrome as the ticker browser for 2 reasons:

    1. You don't have to shrink the page, the numbers are almost perfect in position and size just by minimizing the browser.
    2. It is possible to open more browser windows by using the "porn" mode.
    So this way you can follow more than 1 stock.

    Here it is showing 3 tickers going all at once live:


    Putting them on the bottom overlapping I could put up at least 8 tickers at once without a problem...

    Also, obviously you can use only one browser, making it simpler...
  4. wrbtrader


    What's the purpose for a real-time desktop quote ticker considering as traders we have access to data from our chart vendor or broker platform ???

    However, I can see this being useful to investors for "stock & index quotes" even though there are already 100's of desktop tickers available as "addons or widgets" to many different browsers like Opera, Firefox, IE ans so on...

    Many more that sits on your desktop without having any thing to do with a browser although such requires an obvious download/installation.

  5. These solutions are for working people

    Not for traders
  6. Pekelo


    Name 3, they have to be free AND real time. And as it was mentioned, this is for at work people, who actually have something else to do.
  7. wrbtrader


    Last time you said something like that about something different down in the Feedback section...

    I responded with the answers and you didn't reply. :mad:

    This time around, you do the work yourself and use Google search considering you're already using the website. I'll repeat, there are many, many, many, many, many, many addons, widgets, desktop stock & index tickers...and it's FREE and real-time (others delay). Some U.S. markets and others include international markets too.

    Last of all, someone else asked about such for mobile devices (free and real-time) but not for desktop application...I gave answers involving two applications...not a simple "thank you reply" was given. Such would seem more useful for folks "at work" considering just about everybody I see walking around on the street has some sort'uv mobile device.

  8. jokepie


    Just buy a smartphone with Google/your Broker app. also buy a desk mount and you are G2G
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