Make $350 Pay $25000 ROFL

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rawman74, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Wow...what a dumbass! And only to make $350 :(

  2. Maybe it was 350 in the shill account and 350,000 in the real one.


    Those druids are clever.
  3. Banjo


    Must be related to the woman who thought wmt was going to give her $998,300.00 in change. Freaky Deaky.
  4. odds are a guy who does that for 350 does not have 25k.
  5. gms


    Now, those who experienced a loss because of Safavi's fraudulent activity.... they don't get a piece of that $25,000, do they? So, in fact, the people that got hurt get no compensation whatsoever, while the government gets enriched a bit, even though it's the taxpayers that foot the bill for them to go after folks like Safavi. So, who is it that really makes out here?
  6. Funny when a little guy made a bogus story to win 350$ he is fined, when a big hedge fund or broker do the same about a company or even a whole country and made billions of $ they are safe for their bogus news is only called false rumor haha !

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