majority traders really lose money??

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    good post.
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  2. Pray who is "Soveras Khan", I have searched all over, could not find it. Please put it here for our benefit. Thanks!
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  3. Making money is easy if you can sell your stocks at a higher price than you paid for them.
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  4. This is something obvious which I repeatedly recommend. Become expert in one market (typically index futures eg YM or ES). It appears that noobs and wannabes, no matter if humble, tend to do different things, other than just a sole one instrument focus - on their way, sooner or later, to sliding down the drain.
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  5. Hey you're back! I enjoy reading your posts.
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  6. Making and losing money are personal judgments. For example, suppose my account shows a 5 % loss for the month, a 10 % loss for the year, and a 20 % gain for the past two years. Am I profitable?
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  8. Please clarify and explain.
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  9. Thats almost me! Except not a loss this year.
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    Volente's quote from this guy....
    From personal experience, until you do what anonymous did, trading will always be hit and mostly miss regardless of time frame.
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