Majority Says the Federal Government Threatens Their Personal Rights

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Feb 2, 2013.

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  2. Odumbo government intends to do more than just THREATEN personal rights... he intends to REPEAL THEM!!
  3. You're pretty funny. :D Keep it up.....

    You make jokes where personal rights are at stake.

    Plenty of people think like you. One day you'll wake up and say "What happened?"

    I only replied tonight because you seem to be in the philosophical mode.


    Why'd the chicken cross the road?

    National security was at stake.
  4. Hate to tell ya nutmeg, that personal liberty ship sailed when we declared the "War on Terror", known to some as permawar.

    It is being wound down now because all of the needed accouterments are in place for the next phase.
  5. What the hell do you mean by "wound down"?
    I don't see any indication that increasing personal liberties is a priority for your gubbermint Masters.
  6. pspr


    Talk about conspiracy theories. I think RCG is saying that Obama's guberment is preparing for marshall law to suppress us free whiteys and put us in our proper places under the auspices of terror control. :D
  7. You don't see it because YOU are the next phase, sir.:)
  8. No, that is your gestalt, your fear.

    It is obvious as you post multiple threads here per day out of pure anxiety.
  9. pspr


    LOL Buck, you are becoming more delusional every day. I don't even think you know what gestalt means. It's quite entertaining watching you unravel during your brief visits here. :D
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