Majority of voters believe Obama has changed country for worse

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    "Two-thirds of likely voters say President Obama has kept his 2008 campaign promise to change America — but it’s changed for the worse, according to a sizable majority.

    A new poll for The Hill found 56 percent of likely voters believe Obama’s first term has transformed the nation in a negative way, compared to 35 percent who believe the country has changed for the better under his leadership."

    The decision is a simple one.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Unfortunately, it's not a simple one. The candidate put up by the only other party to essentially choose from is rather inept in his own way. The question then becomes a choice of lesser evils, and is not simple in any way for the average American. In this case, I believe the devil I know to be far worse than any devil I don't know, which is why I'll be voting ABO.

  3. pspr


    There has been a lot more devisiveness, hatred and racism under Obama. No doubt. And most of it coming from Obama and the left.
  4. With Romney being the alternative I'm voting Obama
  5. jem


    thats like Mrs. Romney saying that after reviewing the candidates positions she is going to vote ABO.

  6. Mrs Romney used to like Obamas positions,they used to be her husbands positions
  7. pspr


    Would we expect anything different from the one celled amoeba?
  8. jem


    the point being you know Mrs. Romney is voting Romney like we know you the biggest Obama supporter on this site is going to vote for 4 more years of this economy or worse.
  9. It might not be simple for you but it is very clear and simple to me.
    I don't ever remember the division being in America as it is today. This is an issue that is far more disturbing than the economy to me. Another 4 years of what we have seen for the past 3 ½ years and I don’t think we will be able to recognize America.
  10. I agree, the hatred shown to a sitting President is the most disgusting I have ever seen. The Right doesn't even hate the real Obama, just a caricature of what they're told he is by their mind controllers. Not the mainstream media, not even mainstream Republicans, just the crazy fringe creating a ghost to hate.

    If Republicans even believed half what they say, they would not want to suppress voting, they would have voting booths in every Wal Mart and Sears parking lot.

    The idiot in Pennsylvania actually said that on tape. The only way romney could win is by suppressing votes. Welcome to a Romney America.

    They know that they have little chance of beating Obama, so they must cheat. Just like Bush v Gore. very sad.
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