Major Trading Themes of 2011

Discussion in 'Economics' started by benwm, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. benwm


    2010 is almost complete, 2011 is drawing near. The time of year when we all gaze into our crystal balls and make predictions for the coming 12 months...

    I wondered what fellow ETs expect to be the dominant themes in 2011? In 12 months time we can have a good chuckle and see who was right, who was wrong.

    I'll get the ball rolling:-

    1. Japanese stocks to play catch up and join the Bernanke financial asset rally. And why not Japan, before you snigger? They're cutting corporate taxes by 5%... :)

    2. No rates hikes by the Fed in 2011 despite a backdrop of continued commodity price rises; Unemployment in the US will stay high and so commodity price rises will now be dismissed by policy makers as a de facto "tax" on the economy, slowing down business activity, blah blah blah...and if the Bank of England can stay on hold when CPI is already near 4% what makes anyone believe Bernanke will start tightening if the jobless rate is high even while US CPI picks up (if it does)?

    3. Precious metals move into the next stage of the commodity bull market...more volatility, parabolic moves...Gold at $2000. Silver $50...

    4. Assange of Wikipedia to tragically 'take his own life' in suspicious circumstances

    Merry Xmas to fellow ETs.
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  3. m22au


    The S&P 500 / $WTIC ratio will remain below 14.50, which will result in airlines underperforming the S&P 500 by a wide margin.
  4. Too many people in gold and silver, this may not pop without some extraordinary event, ie. PIIGS get the boot.

    Banks appear to want to break out and goddamn I want to buy these but I know there's something stupid out there floating in the nether just waiting to appear once I hit the buy button. (Long GE as of last week, some as covered call)

    Not surprise me if we see Nasdaq 3000.
  5. Samsara


    ET member bone becomes an ambient music / drone zone DJ who plays exclusively for Kim Kardashian and Bulgarian plumbing magnate parties in Nevada. Predicted to occur on 7/12/2011.