Major rally lies ahead

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  1. as a position trade. I'm sorry to say this but it is setting up. I'm talking goldilox fashion led by financials. I like being bearish on the overall market but the money has been made. I'm not saying this because of the ABK pump and dump on the markets either Friday. A continuation rally to 12,800 lies ahead by next month. I don't think we will be testing the January low yet.....The one year anniversity of the subprime debacle is next week too.

    The easy money has been made this year fading the rallies in the bi-polar conditions and scalping the swings. It's now conditioned in every traders head to sell rallies. Hell, I even watched Cramers show last night and now he is saying sell rallies.

    OMG, I am sounding bullish on the market for more than a months time ahead.

    Do I need my head examined? Any one feeling a bullish Spring Fling?
  2. I agree.

    1600 by mid year.

    I cant wait.
  3. agree.
    Bottom is in place, buying every pull back.
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    good call all of you, almost 12700, good time to start entering shorts soon?...(anywhere close to 12700?)
  5. Well hell, I wasn't expecting 12,800 in ONE week. Looks like the market is getting ahead of itself again too fast. Overall there is bearish sentiment in dumb moneys head. Think there is still a little more upside to be milked out.

    Then its time to call in the bear protection team!
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    added shorts and inverse etfs the last 2 days, sold out of a few long positions.
  7. was trading FRE after the news, monster. Rallied up to 29.40... then sells off back to 25.40... huge swings, got a good price, is this a keeper?
  8. Yep, Bernanke is going to pump this market.
  9. I know that there aren't many technical traders here, but the SPX is showing clear signs of a "measured-move" configuration that projects 1442 as a minimum, with fib ratio extensions of 1490 and 1520 targets.

    A close above 1396.02 will confirm the targets above.

  10. Donot examine your head, you are fine. major rally lies ahead. This will be rallies in the AM and sell off in the PM and daytrading for pennies nonsense but it will die after sometime.

    This just got too ugly lately donot you think? Too desperate.
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