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  1. I did a quick search and did not find anything on this. Maybe I'm blind, because this is IMHO a major flaw in esignal.

    At least on the emini's (that's pretty much all I trade) the current days volume on a daily chart is totally wrong.

    I'm ashamed to admit I never noticed this before. I called esignal (on my own dime of course:( and spoke with someone who just hung up in the middle of me speaking. And no, I wasn't rude.

    Apparantly esignal knows about this, and they don't mention it; yet they're happy to take my money every month. I was told they are aware of it.

    If so, why not fix it. I'm no programmer, but at least temporarily, how hard could it be to suppress the bar in question? They don't give volume for ES #F=2 either, yet intraday bars show volume. Why in the world wouldn't you just add up the intraday bars and make that you're daily total? And if you change intervals on a given chart, the time template changes.

    Esignal, why are you so damned excited about all kinds of bells and whistles and new versions when you can't even get daily volume straight?
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    I did a live rep chat and the tech said he saw it too and would report. Next day same issue as far as I was concern. Did another live rep chat and they gave me this link and blamed it on Globex

    It ain't that hard to add the volume as it accumlates but for whatever reason esignal doesn't see it as an issue.

    go figure.

  3. The daily volume on the ES Mini is from the previous day. Thats why it is wrong.
    You can pull up an intraday chart and set the interval length to 415 (min), then you´ll get the daily realtime volume (you have to set the time template to regular trading hours).

  4. Thx, and yes I realize that.

    My problem is I shouldn't have to do that, and worse; esignal should have told us about this flaw. I have found bug after bug in their software and instead of fixing it, they introduce new bells and whistles.

    In addition, the support staff just pretends there are no problems. And when it becomes self evident to all concerned that the caller knows far more about the application than the support person, the support person can't deal with that.

    And, if you carefully read the link provide in the post above, my understanding after reading it through several times is that the electronically traded contracts should be updating in real time.

    Support won't even answer a straightforward question like: ok, if it's not working the way I want, then explain to me exactly how it is working so I can compensate. They can't (or won't) even do that.

    I"d change but I'm now in the swing of using the program, and there is much that I like. I can tell you one thing though, the first instant a better alternative comes along, I'm gone. Esignal is doing nothing to ingratiate their clientele. I guess they don't understand the marginal net worth of their customers (ie. they cant' multiply) $100-$200 / month over several years is THOUSANDS of dollars, and yet they can't even see fit to pay for the phone call.
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    Thanks, but my need is on ACindices.quo which will only display yesterday's volume. I only use Renko charts which only displays price.

  6. I just got off the telephone, again, on my own dime. Instead of an empathetic voice, I got an argument on how my "impression" of esignal support is wrong.

    That's right, I was told flat out that my feelings are wrong. I wasn't aware that esignal staff were pyschic.

    I asked several specific questions, and was told they'd get back to me. When I asked when, they didn't like that.

    Here are my questions:

    1) Exactly, why when you go from an intraday advanced chart to a daily does the time template change?

    2) When, precisesly does the daily volume bar update with accurate information.

    3) How, intraday can we get a total volume for that day. Don't tell me it can't be done, these are electronic contracts.

    I was told by this person that I couldn't expect support to know as much as I did about the program. Really? What in the HELL is support there for then. They should know every nuance and have weekly training sessions and be tested regularly on their knowledge.

    Esignal management: this is not rocket science, learn how to communicate. That means 2 ways. That means really listening. Don't just claim you do, actually do it!
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    Not rolling anything except the index contracts, until contract expiration for the #f symbols. They won't fix it they told me, why I don't know, just roll with volume or whatever gets the roll for the indexes. I'm not sure but last time I checked I am paying alot of money and I don't use the wonderful platform for much since I have TS2000i, so that doesn't really feel good about the money spent. Bitch Bitch, otherwise I have experienced good cust serv. agents.
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    I don't know about Esignal, but the daily volume from the CME goes through 3 steps.

    1). End of day volume on day of trading is the estimated volume.

    2). Mid morning of next day is the final volume for yesterday.

    3). Next day morning is the final adjusted volume for two days ago. If you need accurate daily volume you'll be waiting two days.
  9. Please educate me, as esignal refuses to. Why do I have to wait for accurate total daily volume on today, when the data is already in my computer? (I am speaking only of electronically traded contracts here).

    It's like they're trying to hide the way they do something, or maybe just lazy beyond belief, or ? The data is there, right on my little own PC, so why can't you give me the total.

    If you (esignal) refuse to fix it so it works right (or maybe there is a legitamate reason this can't be done, so tell me and explain it), then couldn't you do those of us who want this info a favor and write a EFS script to total up todays intraday bars of volume and put that text on the chart?
  10. Esignal has always quoted futures volume as the day before rather than the current cumulative volume which would be a calculated value.

    It the days before exchanges reported the volume of actual trades, the volume figure traditionally was from the previous day. In their data downloads, the CME reports volume both ways (as prior session volume and same session volume). You have to be careful in futures as to which you are getting.

    I'm guessing esignal simply passes on what the exchange reports and doesn't calculate the current, cumulative volume.
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