Major problem, help please.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by easyrider, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. One of my computers has quit on me and I dont quite know where to start looking as this has never happened to me before. The computer power light will come on and it will run for just a few seconds then shut down. Both the cpu fan and the power supply fan come on when the button is pushed so I dont think overheating was the problem. I havent a clue where to start as it wont even get to the boot stage. I have removed all add-on hardware and it still does it. Any ideas?
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    this may help:

    basically, you may need to cut your self a bart pe cd.

    this is basically a cut down version of windows that boots off the cd rom, not your hard disk.

    this could help you salvage any lost data etc

    when my pc died, i used it to get my stuff back.

    im no techie though......
  3. could be.

    1 Hard drive failed

    2 BIOS needs to be reset
  4. I am no techie geek but you might have major
    problems ...

    had a laptop that died like that on me

    took out the battery ... for a week or longer
    then put it back in ...

    damn pc worked again ( yipee ) , but then

    after a few days ... could not start up re boot

    ( now using an apple )

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    thats why bart pe was so good. my hd was screwed which is why i couldnt boot from it - but bartpe still managed to see the files!!
  6. If you are getting shut down without even the booting beep from the board >

    I would pull out everything except a stick of memory and the video card, also all the drive cables. Make sure the board is not shorted, ck screws. Then power it to see if it posts-booting beep- if not still lots of possibilities,psu, cpu ,current memory stick or bad /shorted board. But at least now its limited to whats there.
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    Just replace it - why bother screwing around when the problem may occur when you need the pc to work.
  8. Do you have another similar computer or one with the same RAM? I would guess that you have a bad stick of RAM in there. If it doesn't go through the boot process at all, then your problems are RAM, a motherboard short, a CPU that is not seated well, etc.
  9. Does _anything_ appear on the monitor at all for the few seconds it is on, meaning does it start the BIOS power-on self-test? (POST)

    To be honest that sounds pretty serious (assuming it doesn't POST at all) so unless you are willing to really mess around with it I suggest you just suck it up, buy a new PC and migrate the hard drive over as a secondary drive so you can get all the data you want from it.

    Even a PC with no hard drive attached will still POST, it will just end in an error like "no boot device" so I doubt its the hard drive that is the problem.
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    bios battery could be dead??

    ............ rj
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