Major News Pending???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. why is the market frozen?
    ~12:48pm ET
    SPY 109.48
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    Not sure, haven't seen SPY do this in a while. I think it's because I am equally long and short so it can't decide which way to go to screw me.
  3. SPX 1.2% gap open - trades another 1.1% up and your wondering why there is consolidation into lunch?

    You cant be that clueless, can you?

    Stop posting here and go learn something...for yourself.
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    check the chart draw some lines and u will see y we r stuck here
  5. to my naked eye it behaved unusually today, lunch time or not. the quotes practically stopped moving. i had to check my internet connection to make sure i am still getting the feed.
  6. AMZN and MSFT earnings after the close.
  7. no news broke. so, yeah, it is possible that everybody is happy where they are and don't want to place major bets before AMZN, MSFT earnings.

    with 4 hrs to go, why close down the shop? i am guessing that the staring contest will result in a major move before EOD.
  8. A safe bet that the last 15 minutes will rocket to the answer when the bastards who already know the news take advantage of their inside knowledge.
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    irritable, are we not?
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