Major merger announcment Sunday 4-22-07

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  1. Yep right on schedule ready for the big pop on Monday. Dow cash 13000 no problem, SP500 1500 happens on Monday, yes sir we are on a one way ride to new heights for sure.
  2. Forgot the article
  3. Typical financial news bull shi$, First article say US economy weakens economist say, economist are always wrong ALWAYS.

    Fourth article, U.S. Stocks Gain pushing Dow to record THREE TIMES.

  4. Just think of the insiders who have known about this last week, that the for sure way to make money without taking any risk.

    Thats why insiders always win.
  5. This deal has been in the news for WEEKS.

    Get real.
  6. (1) All news is good news. (2) Monday's session? The banks can open higher and close lower. We'll see.

  7. You know how the media is they may start dragging up old stories just to hype things up especially the Wall Street Journal.

    Remember the Alcoa take over story? gee what happened to that?

    This ABN Amro will be hyped up just to drive the market higher. And if their is not enough they will start making things up you speculate on this and that, just to keep the momentum.

    Think of all the folks who got their tax returns wondering what to do with it, the market is trying to lure them in.
  8. Look like a takeunder at $80 bill, right?
  9. Speaking of buyouts and such, it sure is making shorting a pain in the azz.

    I was short FDC a few times and just missed getting wacked.

    I wasn't so lucky with MEDI. :(

    Yeah. I know. Just buy the dip and be happy... :p
  10. Just short individual stocks and go long the index futures bro!!! At least you can rest assured 100% the big indexes will always close in the green so that's some risk less $$$ to hedge out your short stock bets :p
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