Major, major Tsunami about to hit the Asia Pacific region

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    Around midnight December 30 2010, a very major tsunami will hit South East Asia.
  2. Did you pull this out of your anus?
  3. mokwit


    Please can you tell me which indicators you are using and the settings. TIA
  4. Classic. Comedy gold.
  5. joe4422


    I used every single one of the indicators found in thinkorswim and they all point to the same thing. Major Tsunami in South East Asia.

    Just joking. There's a very famous seer who's predicted it. I know it sounds crazy, but there's also another guy who talks to aliens and works for NASA who's said the same thing will happen.

    Anyway, we'll out soon enough if the seer and alien talker are correct or not. They've been right about a lot of things in the past.
  6. LOL...LOL....LOL
  7. This is not as dumb as it sounds. There is a group of researchers who can successfully predict the liklihood of earth quakes based on the behavior of dogs near the san andreas fault line.

    Apparently dogs become agitated and often run off just prior to these events. When you get a 1000 dogs doing it in the same week, they no something is going to happen.
  8. Did you use tick charts for this? :p
  9. TRS


    Elliott wave.

    Thanks for that info Runningbear, very interesting.
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    Further proof that you should never listen to what men who talk to aliens predict.

    No tsunami, but sure animals can predict these things. In the 2004 Tsunami all the elephants and monkey were trucking it for high land hours before the tsunami came.

    Same thing on wall street. Just before a very major crash, all the monkeys start running out of the pit.
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