major major manipulation in gold, oil, and fx right now

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  1. i created an ealier thread in which i said that PPT needed to put the smack down on CL and the commodities complex instead of buying ES and..........apparantly Hank got the message and took it way too seriously.......the man is going nuts selling gold.
  2. bush apparantly want to sell it down so the arabs can buy it lower....he is creating a discount for the arabs........him and poppy love the arabs.
  3. actually, its the funds all running for the exits at the same time. they always do this. pretty much all the commodities are getting nailed for a second day in a row.
  4. Crying manipulation when gold gets stomped on is no different (or more absurd) then those who cry PPT when equities make a miraculous comeback.

    You can't have it both ways.
  5. first of all, even if true, its not that major. It looks like price action in wheat. Secondly, I highly doubt Paulson could manipulate price of oil. The arbas were able to because they controlled supply. I must have missed the memo from Paulson to cut back on demand.

    The gold and forex action on the other hand is interesting. Someone was spreading rumours that Paulson was selling US Gold to buy dollars a few days ago. There is also weak fundamentals in the dollar and this surge is counter-intuitive. So maybe it is indeed being manipulated.
  6. Not sure if the dollar is putting in a bottom, but one thing is for certain. The dollar will surge long before the media and all of us foresee an improvement in fundamentals.
  7. Aha so when commodities are rising it's "The Fed pumping billions of liquidity into the economy and printing Dollars 24/7" and when commodities are heading down its "manipulation".
  8. The oil market is perhaps the only market large enough to prevent US manipulation.

    The saudi's even have trouble moving it aside from production changes.
  9. Cesko


    Generally speaking, this is why you can never win an argument on this dumb-ass site.
    P.S. By the way you and Landis are being proven right little by little as time goes by. NOT SURPRISINGLY.