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  1. Are the players going to strike--again? If so, I'll never watch those over-paid sissys again.
  2. i'll always love baseball...i'll always love trading, even if the floor skins me every day and my broker does every month.

    In the words of Cyndi Lauper, <a href="">"money changes everything."</a>
  3. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    i lived next door to a printshop in chitown.....they had a big account they were foil stamping the fleer baseball cards....they were working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.....after the strike they were out of business in 6 months.......

    say it isnt so baseball.....
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    3 strikes they're out- i'm done with it if those overpaid greedy assholes strike again- play the game and be content with the millions you are ALREADY paid- yeah- great idea players- strike, piss off the fans, get higher salaries that are passed on to the fans in the form of higher ticket prices- i mean give me a fuggin break!!!
  5. I say they fire all the players who strike and bring up the minor league players!
  6. Can't blame the participants - they're just maximizing their benefit. If the players don't do whatever they can to screw the owners, they'll receive the screwing instead. And vice-versa.

    The blame, if there is any, rests on the fans that tolerate it, that pay the exhorbitant ticket prices and that buy the T-shirts and hats and coolers and assorted nonsense. Stop the support and watch them forget what a strike is.
  7. Cap all salaries at $1 Mil/yr. Maybe we can get back to realistic admission prices and won't have to pay $7.50 for a beer and $5 for a hot dog !! If they aren't satified for $1 Mil/yr, fire them and bring up the minor league players (as someone else suggested) who would give anything to play in the big leagues.
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    actually, tickets aren't related to salary prices; if they were, we'd all get in the ncaa finals for free.

    tickets are priced to maximize revenue, that's all.

    i've always been surprised at people participating in a free market system (ie. trading) criticizing others for participating in that same thing.

    in this current baseball negotiation, the players have not received *one* improvement from last time; in fact, if the players' offer (which i think is too substantial in some areas) was accepted, the owners would have 'won' a tremendous amount while giving up *zero*.

    the answer to basically all the 'problems' is for the owners to split revenues - not based on salaries, but based on games. yankees draw great; fine. it takes 2 teams to tango. give the yankees opponents 1/3 of ALL the money that comes in (from tv, stadium, etc.). and vice versa, of course.

    that way, if an owner wants to compete, he can. if he wants to do a jeffrey loria / bud selig and run a skin-tight budget while making a profit, he can.
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    bottomline, if the players are stupid enough to strike they are sadly misjudging the public's distaste for them!!!! i actually hope they do strike..... let's start over with some new players that aren't tainted. the only game i went to this season, i had free parking and free tickets. i ate plenty before the game and a friend of mine bought me a sprite. they got $0 of my money. i would rather watch little league than those babies.
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