Major League Baseball Season Hits Snag With Two Games Postponed Due To COVID-19

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    Big AAPL

    You may be right...three games in and already a major snag
  2. I think the chances MLB, NBA, and NFL all play a season and crown a champion are 20-25%

    90% chance NHL will because-
    1) they’re not a bunch of pussies
    2) they won’t sneak out to strip clubs and house parties like NBA/NFL players
    3) they obey rules
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    Its all a conspiracy. That or....

    ...these guys must all be incredibly high risk individuals.

    You know... those 20 to 30 year old super-athletes.
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    Yeah, because the spread of the virus would have certainly slowed within the ranks of MLB.
    They'd all be immune by now. How'd we miss that?! :banghead:

    EDIT>>> Sweden. Like their soccer that started early. Or tried to.
    Must be your "other places".
    Fear grips Swedish soccer as virus delays start of season
    Associated PressApr 4, 2020, 9:35 AM EDT

    Saturday was supposed to mark the beginning of a new soccer season in Sweden, fueled by the prospect of big broadcasting revenues from a new domestic TV deal and expectations of another tight title race to match last year’s dramatic finale.

    Then, in two months’ time, Sweden’s national team was supposed to be playing in the European Championship, with confidence high two years after a run to the World Cup quarterfinals for the first time since 1994.

    Instead, the rapidly spreading coronavirus has forced a two-month delay to the Allsvenskan campaign – the “early June” start date will now be viewed as optimistic by many – the cancellation of the Euros, and led to some Swedish clubs fearing they might soon go out of business.

    A bleak picture is being painted by members of Sweden’s top league, the starkest coming this week from Helsingborg.

    “The truth is,” the southern club’s president, Krister Azelius, said, “that the effects of the coronavirus have hit us so hard that we have to question our future existence.”
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    Coronavirus Sweden: How Anders Tegnell’s unique approach to battling the COVID-19 pandemic backfired

    But the country’s virus statistics tell a different story. The virus has already killed more than 5300 people, giving Sweden one of the world’s highest per capita mortality rates.

    To compare those figures with other Scandinavian countries, Denmark has recorded 605 deaths, Finland has recorded 328 deaths, and Norway 249.

    Dr Tegnell concedes that Sweden is a global outlier. Asked whether he feels the country has become a “global punching bag”, he said: “Sometimes I feel like a personal punchbag, but that’s OK. I can live with that.”

    The number of Swedes who have formed antibodies to the virus is smaller than expected, dashing hopes that herd immunity could be achieved. Picture: Stina STJERNKVIST / various sources / AFPSource:AFP

    But a study published earlier this month found the number of Swedes who have formed antibodies to the virus is smaller than expected, dashing hopes that herd immunity could be achieved.

    The study, carried out by the country’s Public Health Agency, found that just 6.1 per cent of the country’s population had developed coronavirus antibodies by late May. This figure falls far short of Dr Tegnell’s prediction.
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    Huh, wha? Isn't there someone in another thread touting Sweden's uber conquering of this disease, by having it all under control, no masks, lowest deaths ever?

    I digress.
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    Looks like I have a plagiarist.
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