Major Divergence In All Indexes

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  1. Here we go again, all the US indexes have divergences, SPX,NDX,COMPX,DOW,RUT. Up volume has been weaker than down volume.
  2. In Alexander Elders books he talks about MACD Histogram, when it make a very deep low, one that has not been made in some time that lower prices are instore.

    Well we had one of these deep lows in MACD history in March, so much for that theory.
  3. This is real strange, ADX is falling as we chug higher. trading sideways and falling is quit normal.

    This rally off the march low seems suspect, oh well better stop analyzing this to much.
  4. Bloomberg shut you down?

  5. Bloomberg charts suck, they have no histogram. Why dont you do something constructive instead of following me around.

    You just got put on ignore.

  6. Wise ass looser! I have so many platforms it would made your head spin, why because I can afford them. I love charting my favorite is Aspen Graphics.

  7. An Aspen chart, I just love these charts. Bloomberg is nice for its content, their charts are weak.
  8. I will be back Monday, have a nice weekend!

  9. Oops here is the Aspen Chart
  10. wabrew


    I do not see the divergences you mentioned -- seems like early March volume was way high, but vol sort of balanced since then.

    Can you explain further? Are you expecting weak mkt for a while?
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