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  1. Thanks to everyone here for having me.

    I'm sorry to be forward, but please someone do me a favor- look up Conoco Philips (COP) on any chart.
    Also look up the same symbol on

    On both charts, go back to the months FEB through APR 2012.

    Why is every other chart I'm seeing have COP at about $70 or so per share during those months, yet shows it to be more or less where it's at now- between $55-$60 per share during those months??

    I am not too proud to take a tongue lashing or wear a dunce hat if I've typed in something wrong, or if I am seeing something other than what I think I should be seeing because of my own blunder- I just need someone else to check for me.

    Am I crazy? Is my pc busted?

    Please respond as this has rocked my very foundation as a stock researcher. I've base much of my decisions on the info that I've gotten from, because I deemed to be top notch in the charting business.
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    Why do you think a free data would be enough for success?
  3. And what other charts are you looking at?

    BigCharts also show COP at 52 to 60 in Feb and March.

    What type of "a stock researcher" doesn't even bother to read the news for the companies they are researching?

    If you would make the effort to read the news about ConocoPhillips over the last 6 months the reason for the different looking charts would be obvious.
  4. Well, I told you I wasn't too proud to take a tongue lashing or wear a dunce hat if I was at fault.

    I realize the reason the charts have been manipulated is due to the $17 dividend paid on may 1st.

    What I still don't understand is WHY the charts need to be manipulated in the first place.

    Google finance doesn't fabricate the price of stock during those months. Neither does scottrade or yahoo.
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    i think it has to do with the way the data is being pulled, freestockcharts pulls their data directly from the batsexchange so i would check the batstrading site to see what it shows on their charts.