Mainstream Media(MSM) or Corporate Media(CM)

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Do you believe the "Mainstream Media"

  1. No fucking way

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  2. Always, I am very trusting (and dumb)

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  3. Sometimes but I watch indie sources on the Net

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  1. The culprit, in the parlance of the day, has been the “Mainstream Media,” or MSM.

    But that’s wrong name for it. Today’s mass media is Corporate, not Mainstream, and the distinction is critical.

    Calling the Corporate Media (CM) “mainstream” implies that it speaks for mid-road opinion, and it absolutely does not.

    There is, in fact, a discernable, tangible mainstream of opinion in this country. As brilliant analysts such as Jeff Cohen, Norman Solomon and the Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) organization have shown, the “MSM” is very far to the right of it.

    The mainstream of American opinion wants this country out of Iraq. The Corporate Media does not. It refuses to give serious coverage to the devastating human, spiritual and economic costs of the war, and it marginalizes those demanding it end.

    The mainstream of American opinion wants national health care. The CM does not.

    The mainstream of American opinion is deeply distrustful and in many ways hostile to the power of large corporations. Obviously, the CM is not.

    The mainstream of American opinion strongly questions whether our elections are being manipulated and stolen. The CM treats with contempt those who dare report on the issue.

    The Corporate Media takes partisan stands (often in favor of the Republican Party, but always in defense of corporate interests) by sabotaging political candidacies, especially those of candidates who challenge corporate power. This year it blacklisted the populist candidacy of John Edwards, suffocating his ability to compete for the Democratic nomination.
  2. calling it the corporate media is too weak... it is an oligarch media.
  3. LT701


    'This year it blacklisted the populist candidacy of John Edwards, suffocating his ability to compete for the Democratic nomination.'

    you're a sucker if you think Edwards is anything but a 6 ft high pile of shit


    -> Co-sponsored the Iraq war resolution with Neocon Joe Lieberman

    -> Co-sponsored the largest H-1b visa increase S2045 ever, 195,000 per year as the tech bubble POPPED - American tech workers have never recovered from this

    -> Voted MFN-China, wich devestated manufacturing jobs

    -> Voted patriot act

    Countless hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Americans have lost their health care from the jobs Edwards destroyed.

    And tens of thousands of American soldiers have been injured in the war he sent them to

    All that damage, from basically a 3 year elected official career (half of his Senate term was spent campaigning for President or Vice President)

    Edwards is SCUM
  4. =================
    I may never use the word ''mainstream media''ever again ;
    after reading your news article:D Actually i got that term from CBN[Christian Broadcasting network].

    Watched most of them, but mostly;
    CNN,ABC +

    Now CNN [newsroom ]had an interesting interview with Gov Mike Huckabee thursday, but CNN & ABC tends to smear such types or simply ignore them.Perhaps they smear capitalists in an attempt to get bigger ratings???

    FOX news had an interesting internet article about an orthodox Jewish man praying on an airplane ,removed recently from airplane .CNN + ABC news has a track record of smearing or simply not covering news like that,or 2nd ammendment..

    One joked ABC means anybody but Clinton network;
    & joked CNN means Clinton news network. Not really.
    Too young to tell much ,but SKY Angel launched ANN [American News Network].

    It is strange how many of the Networks are treating Sen Clinton as they usually treat conservative Republicans,
    or as badly as they smear conservative Democrats.

  5. What channel does the board of education subscribe to?