Mainstream Media Begin Scandal Triage

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  1. In any disaster scenario, first responders must apply triage concepts. Don't waste time trying to help those who are beyond saving and focus attention on those who can be saved through immediate attention.

    We see this playing out in the Obama perfect storm of scandals. Obviously, the media see their first duty as protecting Obama, the democrat party and its main players, of whom none is more important than Hillary Clinton.

    Thus, the tone setter for the media, the Washington Post, ran an editorial today virtually mocking the republicans' "obsession" with Benghazi. Just some over zealous editing and anyway the CIA did it. Nothing to see here folks, move along to the next scandal.

    Why their lack of interest? They have a solemn duty as liberals to protect Hillary at all costs. Benghazi is a spear aimed directly at her presidential plans. Anything, even throwing their beloved IRS under the bus, is preferable to seeing hillary be tainted.

    The media see the IRS scandal as a victim who can be saved, but major amputation might be required. It is clear the loathsome acting commissioner is going to take a shellacking. Perjury charges are likely and maybe jail time. He will probably do his time like any good mafia soldier and keep his mouth shut. The two women involved, that Lerner woman and the one running Obamacare, are also in some jeopardy. They clearly are in it up to their eyeballs and should be facing major civil and criminal suits, but the dems will rally behind them. Only doing their jobs, etc. It will be a good test of republican resolve to see how much they can make out of this and how many heads they can bag. I put the over/under at three. If they can't get at least three people fired and/or indicted, they are wussies.

    The AP scandal is the victim who is beyond saving, and the media have no interest in helping out there anyway, since they see themselves as the aggrieved party. This may be the one scandal too many for Eric Holder to survive. For liberals, it's nice to have an affirmative action AG, but at some point you need one who is minimally competent.

    ps. Conservatives should realize that the traitor republicans are trying to use the glare from these scandals to sneak past them with an amnesty sellout. Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are leading this effort and should be held accountable.
  2. jem


    I am thinking the grand bargain here should the IRS for everything else. Lets just eliminate the IRS... no one goes to jail. Hillary gets to escape. Holder keeps his job. Obama gets his legacy back.

    And the Benghazi families know their loved ones were sacrificed for an elimination of the IRS. Which will return our economy to greatness.
  3. pspr


    The IRS has too many tentacles to ever be eliminated with out eliminating the entire government.

    The best scenario would be an Obama resignation, a badly tarnished Hillary and an inept Joe Biden at the helm for the next 3 years along with a dozen Obama operatives getting jail time.
  4. jem


    if that is really a possible scenario... the left would give the right the IRS on a platter.