Mainstream Media Begin Bush Push

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  1. The Bush library celebration has ushered in an unusual media event. George W. Bush is actually being painted in kinder, gentler tones by the very same liberal media which attacked or ridiculed his every breath while he was president. What's going on?

    Well, it must have occurred to them that a public still sour on Bush would not be overly receptive for their chosen republican presidential candidate in 2016, none other than his brother Jeb. Every since little brother Georgie jumped the que and ran for president in 2000 instead of letting Jeb take "his" turn, poor Jeb has been sort of wandering in the wasteland, trying to stay relevant. For a while it appeared the catastrophe that was the George Bush administration had sunk Jeb. Poisoned chalice and all that, not to speak of daddy Bush's disastrous yet mercifully short-live time in office. Read my lips, etc.

    Two things have merged to alter the landscape for Jeb and clear the way for him to claim his birthright. One, the republican establishment has convinced itself that they will never win another election unless they can suck up to hispanic voters. Jeb is clearly the man for that job. The Bushes have always pushed open borders and amnesty, and Jeb took it to the next logical step by marrying a mexican woman. He can even speak passable spanish, which puts him at least two languages ahead of George.

    Two, the media can see that Jeb is by far the most moderate of the plausible candidates, at least now that Chris Christie has self-destructed. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Jon Hunstman, Bobby Jindahl, even Marco Rubio, are all far to the right of Jeb.

    Plus, there is the irresistable media allure of another Clinton versus Bush matchup.

    Republican primary voters ceded the selection of their candidate to the media the last two elections, and the media did its part by picking the consensus "most electable" candidate. We got two guys who were suitably deferential to the media and their opponent, and who gave every outward appearnace that they were not terribly interested in winning. They just wanted to make a good show of it and lose with dignity and class.

    Shall we go for three in a row?
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    Not sure what your seeing, but the left couldnt even keep their hatred of bush to themselves even for one day.

    NBC's Gregory Declares: Bush's 'Reputation of Incompetence' Has 'Stained' GOP

    On the eve of the dedication of George W. Bush's presidential library, NBC's Meet the Press moderator David Gregory appeared on Wednesday's Nightly News to tear down the former president's legacy, beginning the report by remarking that it was "difficult to remember" Bush's popularity after the September 11th attacks. [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

    Gregory described how Iraq War intelligence failures "formed the backdrop to criticism that the President underestimated the challenges he faced....And grew stubborn in the face of mounting setbacks." Gregory further proclaimed: "What grew into a reputation for incompetence stained the administration and the GOP brand after Hurricane Katrina."

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    NBC's Lauer Presses Bush on Legacy: Are You Trying to 'Force Critics to Take a Second Look?'

    At the beginning of a live interview with former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush on Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer wondered about the motivation behind Bush's presidential library: "So many difficult moments, so many controversial decisions you made. Some of them cost you dearly in terms of popularity. Is one of the ideas force your critics to take a second look?"

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    Diane Sawyer Pesters George W. Bush: Ready to Flip Your Position on Gay Marriage?

    World News anchor Diane Sawyer scored an exclusive interview with George W. Bush for Wednesday's program. Sawyer used the opportunity to pester the former president about gay marriage, prompting, "One of the issues in the party in which there seems to be some shift taking place among senators is gay marriage."

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    On Opening of Bush Library, Chuck Todd Mocks Ex-President's ‘Gaffes,' Imagines a GOP Loss in 2016

    Previewing the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library on Thursday, rather than positively reflect on the legacy of the Bush presidency, MSNBC unsurprisingly chose to mock and minimize his eight years in office. During The Daily Rundown, host Chuck Todd introduced a segment on the former president with a spew of Bush “gaffes." He then mocked, "I miss this part of Bush because Obama never does this stuff." LOL

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    All this of course as opposed to Obama, the current president who can actually change policy, being asked hard hitting questions about his dance skills.

    In Friendly 'Chat' With Obama, NBC's Guthrie Asks About His Dance Skills and Viral Videos

    " The "chat" that followed covered such hard-hitting topics as the First Lady's "mom dancing" on Jimmy Fallon, the President's own dance skills, and what viral videos he watches.

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  8. Yeah, how did that work out for ya?:D :D
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    TERRIBLE, for the country. But when the welfare queens parasites and affirmative action monkeys along with their bleeding heart liberal cheer leaders outnumber the productive tax payers. What can we do?
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