Maine college launches aviation program

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  2. The students said they're excited about the potential opportunities.

    "With my aviation degree plus internet I have plenty of time to post on ET" said Oliver.

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    Since you're not a pilot with aspirations of working for an airline you have no idea of the importance of the last sentence. "Congress recently passed a law that requires 1,500 hours of flying time to become a commercial pilot, except for students who complete a four-year aviation school -- they only need 1,000 hours."
  4. I think you're the one without a clue. I come from a family of pilots, and my brother is a Captain for Southwest. He constantly reminds me that there are many pilots working with him who don't have a degree. They had the passion and went with it.
  5. EDIT: BTW, he has a finance degree. He always jokes about what good it did him.
  6. Hey,What your brother told is obvious I am not surprised of it as there are many people in this world who are not highly qualified but due tu their passion they do a work better than those person who have learn about it more than them.In any work passion is important,Do you agree with me?Reply.
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  7. Sadly there are a lot of former airline pilots out there also. The ones with college degrees may come out ahead when the usual cycle of airlines dumping bodies occurs. I have a friend who never quit doing accounting, and when laid off this last time he opened up a financial planning firm. Another pilot from the airline I was with never quit his "day job" as a pharmacist. I used to give him a hard time as he worked at a pharmacy near me, and I'd see him walking off a plane and the next day he was at the pharmacy. He is now a full time pharmacist. He had 20 years in when he was laid off. A couple of others were able to grab corporate jobs, but as on call pilots initially as companies cut flight departments during this last downturn.
    If you love it you give it a shot anyway.
  8. Being a pilot would be awesome… I can’t imagine a job both more stressful and more fun at the same time.
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    Actually the really stressful situations are relatively rare. Major mechanical/electrical failures at night in bad weather would be one. Looking out the windscreen and seeing another aircraft close enough to wave at the other crew or seeing the ground rapidly approaching comprise most of the others.
  10. Or enjoying a sunny day across the ramp, roughly a mile away, and all of the sudden a KC-135 tanker blows up. That's a bad day too. Amazingly only one person died, but that sticks in my head vividly. Very rare event. It was undergoing maintenance on the line and a short or something from a wingtip light lit fuel vapors from a vent in the wing. Very rare and odd as the flash point of Jet A is higher than regular aviation gas. The ground shook and the magnesium in the brakes made it look like the 4th of July.
    Been in the situation of a head on collision. I was safety pilot for a guy practicing approaches and a guy came out of the sun head on, I screamed pull right full power, and may have shit my pants. We were making all the calls, but this guy was just out burning holes in the sky, and obviously not monitoring any frequencies.
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