Main Reason Why Obama WON'T be Re-elected

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  1. please state your main reason and we could run a poll with those later.

    myself i don't see any major reason like that but i am curious about other opinions.
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  3. Ricter


    Because he has lost too many democrats, and too many of the left-leaning independents, by not being leftist enough. That's my ideological explanation.

    The most probable reason he would be a one-termer is because the economy has not improved sufficiently. For that reason he would be largely a victim of circumstances. He wouldn't be the first to suffer that fate, and he won't be the last.
  4. Maverick74


    George H Bush had an approval rating over 70. Won one of the fastest wars in history and nobody saw any reason he would lose, but lose he did. James Carville made a name for himself back then by coining the famous phrase, "it's the economy stupid".

    I will repeat those famous words, it's the economy stupid.
  5. economic uptick is still possible. things don't have to be great just better than now (with some signs of further improvement).

    who is the republican candidate perceived the best to fix the economy? i presume people would chose him if Obama is considered incompetent.
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    Really? A victim of circumstance? :D
  7. Maverick74


    I think the economy is going to die from a 1000 cuts. I'm not saying bread lines, just a steady deterioration. I really don't see how it's going to turn around. Almost all the uptick we have had so far has been from QE 1 and 2 and government hiring. Government is not hiring anymore, in fact, they are laying off people and QE 2 is over. No doubt there will be a QE 2.5 but the question is how long can that last. It's pretty bad out there. Housing is not going to recover. Interest rates are already at zero. I think Obama knows he's a beat man.
  8. Pretty much. A big part of the problem is that our main export is our currency, which we continue to print. This inscentivizes us to export jobs. Now we're exporting jobs and importing 3rd world peasants en masse. The best solution is to quit printing money to devalue our currency, and to quit importing millions of 3rd worlders and preferably remove some. If we kicked out 20 million illegals, that would create 20 million jobs, and create a sharp wage increase for the lower paying jobs, helping the poorest americans the most. Yet these bleeding heart lefties don't want to do that for some reason.
  9. He doesn't like "teh gays" and Convertahillbilly does.
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    That some reason is called votes. Not today, but after they become citizens. That's a lot of votes.
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