Main Causes of the Great Depression

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  1. What I am saying is nothing new, quite a few on ET have said along the same lines. Let alone several presidents, presidents, famous economists & businessmen throughout history. It's just how the capitalist machine works. I'm in no mood to write a research paper, especially in this thread with every other ETer calling me a socialist or communist or whatever. Learn about money in this country, how it works, who controls it and how it's printed. That's a good start. Then you can look at money supply and notice how M3 data was recently discontinued. Just go on from there, fun stuff and it's been done throughtout history quite a few times. But never by the leader of the world.
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  2. Not as funny as a the plus sum economy. What a concept, that means everyone can be rich cause wealth comes out of nothing.

    No wonder the sheep are so easily fleeced.
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    OH I'm sorry I didn't realize you were still living living in a cave wiping your ass with pine cones.:eek:
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  4. Did wealth exist before man walked the earth? If the answer is "No", then where did the wealth that we see around us today come from?
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    Waste of time to argue with Hydroblunt.
    Funny how quick he is to call me simple minded. And maybe that's why I cannot comprehend that there is somebody having a hard time to understand that economy is not zero-sum game.
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  6. Out of thin air? Yup, thats what the mine shafts and oil wells are for.

    Sh*t, how clueless can you guys be? Why don't you go take a swim in the Hudson river and tell me how it's like Caribbean ocean water. How about going up to one of the Buffalo suburbs and visit beautiful houses built on a condemned zone thanks to toxic waste dump. Maybe visit Chernobyl while you are at it, or the Amazon rainforest. Or visit India and note the destroyed ecologies from the hydroelectrilization projects.
    Hit up some an oil spill site on the way back and take a nice long walk through downtown LA (don't forget to breath deeply). I can keep going, anywhere from industrial waste sites, buried nuclear waste or the destroyed soil from mass monocropping. It all adds up, one way or another. The big cost is global warming, but hey, can't expect the Republicans to believe that myth. Those glaciers that dissapeared in Alaska, it was Al Queda right?
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    Well that's why I have plenty of pine cones to sell him.
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    HOLY CRAP !:confused:
    Dude a little LSD goes a long ways,pace yourself .:D

    on 2nd thought educate me on global warming ,the laughs will give me a good ab workout.
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    You're wasting your time.

    The only thing they understand is


    Anything more and they get confused.

    So just stick with replies that go BBbbaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! And enjoy the shearing while it lasts, The sheep are all being led to slaughter and soon there won't be any left to shear. Lean times ahead.
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  10. Well then just provide the cruxt of the idea. I'm not calling you anything. I understand that quite a few on ET have said it before, and I didn't understand their reasoning either. We all know how accurate the internet is, right? I mean, I understand about money and how it works, the M3, and all that jazz. Right now, it seems like all of these indicators point to an abundance of dollars, or a potential very large abundance of dollars, which is inflationary, not an absense of them, which is depression. Inflation and depression are almost complete opposites. In an inflationary period, the rich, and the smart try not to hold dollars...they spend them as quick as they get them on things that will retain their value. In a depression, dollars are king, and everyone prefers to keep their dollars rather than invest them since "things" lose value. So how will one cause the other? And for that matter, is it even possible to have a depression when dollars aren't backed by anything?

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