Mahram's Reasons why He Raggs on the United States(the definitive thread) Prove me wr

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Ok here is the definitive thread of why I rag on the United states and americans. First off let me say, there seems tobe some misunderstanding that I hate america and americans. That's far from the truth, I like americans and I like the country *except for sea tac airport which lost my baggages*.

    1)You guys claim tobe fighting for democracy, freedom, rule of law and justice in iraq. But at home you curtail freedoms. Inacted illegal wiretaps. Siezed millions of phones records, internet records, and etc. Then your government tries to intimidate the press by throwing them to jail if they dont write what the government wants said or give up their sources. How can you you love democracy and freedom when you dont respect or follow your own constitution. The last I checked people were allow freedom of privacy and free speech.

    2) America claims to preach human rights, that they dont permit torture. But you have the president of the united states, and your entire government saying the geneva convention doesnt apply. You have your government sending people to other countries tobe tortured. Or you send them to secreat prisons in europe, run by americans tobe tortured. How can you preach human rights to china, iran, and etc if you dont follow what you say and by law?

    3)You invade iraq. Ok I support the war on terriosm. But you guys invaded with a half ass plan. Your troops were inadequate and underarmed. In gulf war 1 you had 500K troops fighting in gulf war 2. 135K. You guys thought you could run an entire country with less then 200K men. Well duh, the country would fall down like crap. You didnt have enought men. And then you disband iraqs police, army, and intellectuals who controled their social services. Well la le dah, no wonder the country imploded into anarchy. there was no police and army. They went to join the insurgency. And then you americans have the audacity to blame the iraqis for their problems. First off you guys invaded. Nobody asked them if they wanted the americans there. You destroyed their country. I dont know about you guys, but when people here in canada break stuff, its usually the person who breaks it, that has to fix it. Not the other way around.

    4)Americans keep saying moral values the sancitty of marriage. That marriage is special. thats why gay marriage admendment is so important. Well la le dah, where were all of these people during the terry schiavo case. All the republicans kept saying it wasnt up to the husband to decide for his infirm wife. That his marriage wasnt important. Pure hypocrasy.

    5)Katrina. Oh my god. Everybody here blamed what happened to the people of new orleans on the people. That they shouldnt depend on the government. WELL la le dah. The Bush admin for 5 freaking years claimed that they would take care of them from disasters. They spent a freaking Trillion dollers on disasters protection. where did all the money go. A FREAKING Trillion.

    6) Katrina. Everybody said this was unknowable, that the government couldnt have predicted this. This was on freaking time magazine, cnn, and etc for years. And well la le dah hurricanes hit every year. If they cant handle this, imagine when terriosts hit. They wont be like were going todo this and that, on this day.

    7)Afghanistan. America promised to stay their and make it a paradise. Well flash foward 4 years later. You started pulling your troops out, and forcing other countries todo your dirty work. And whats worse, started cutting funding. Yeah stay throught thick or thin

    8)What about OSAMA? You claim he was your number one target. Then claim he wasnt. Then claim he was.

    9)And Iran? You invaded iraq for far less. Claim it was wmd, and nukes. Claim iraq would make the world safer. But is the world safer. You cant do anything about iran, even if they held up a nuke, b/c you left your entire army in iraq. Your strech to thin. Bush has made you guys a push doll for every tin pot dictator. B/c they know you cant do anything about it.

    10) you claim you wont work with terriosts. Well china sells weopens to those thugs. Except when it comes to money I guess anything goes.

    11) Dubai ports. FREAKING come on. You claim you wont deal with terriosts. But you would deal if they had enought dough.

    12)Saudi arabia. About a third of terriosts on 911 came from their. Why not invade them or sanctions.

    There is just so many reasons prove me wrong!!!!