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  1. In Islamic sharia legal terminology, a mahram (Arabic ãÍÑã, also transcribed mahrim or maharem) is an unmarriageable kin with whom sexual intercourse would be considered incestuous, a punishable taboo. Current usage of the term covers a wider range of people and mostly deals with the practice of hijab.

    Who is mahram?
    Anybody from the same sex or those of opposite sex that have not passed puberty are considered as mahram.
  2. That's interesting actually. I note the term maharem contains the word "harem." Extending that further, the harem as we know the term typically meant the group of women servicing the master, servicing being used loosely here. I wonder then if "ma" is a prefix with a prohibitive meaning, similar to our prefix "un-", as in unlawful, etc.

    It's lunch, and I love studying the origin of words.
  3. Websters dictionary...

    mahram--- (see pedophile)
  4. A little research into the prefix "ma-" as is used in the aramaic and arabic languages reveals that it means "the place of" or "a place of"

    And the arabic meaning for harem is actually "forbidden."

    So mahram can logically be translated as a forbidden place, which couldn't be a more fitting name.
  5. IOW mahram = unfuckable.
  6. lol it's sweet that so many people on the ET chitchat board is thinking of me :D

  7. What you would prefer is that so many here think respectfully of you. I guarantee that respect is not on the list of things thought about you.
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    If I recall this association comes to mind.
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  9. lol getting respect from the calibre of moral character from people on Et isnt that high on my list. :D
  10. "Moral character"???? You have sex with children!!!!!
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