Maher makes an ass of himself again.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Pretty much the whole video is Maher being an idiot, but there is a particular part starting at 6:40 where Maher tries to call out D'Souza for not sticking up for him when he got booted off the air.

    Maher said:, something along the lines of "The terrorists are not cowards, we are the cowards for lobbing cruise missiles at them."

    D'Souza said: The terrorists willing to die for their cause are definitely not cowards they are warriors, but made no mention as to the U.S. being cowards.

    Somehow Maher thinks these 2 statements are the same. The funny thing is that i would agree with what they both said, these guys who are willing to fight the U.S. army with vastly inferior weapons, and willing to die for their cause are definitely not cowards, but turning around and saying the U.S. army is, is a completely different statement. That Maher can not determine the difference between the 2 statements shows what an idiot he is.

    Also I agree with both Maher, and D'Souza, we shouldnt be trying to kick people off the air just because we dont agree with what they say, and when Limbaugh was taking all that heat for the slut comment i got to give maher credit he atleast stood up for the fact that Rush should be able to say whatever he wants in that case.

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  2. Yeah, the guy who made the anti Obama movie calls Terrorists brave and such, really nice. Maher was stupid to repeat what the guy said back in 2001 probably.

    I'm sorry, but I just can't defend someone who willfully calls the 911 terrorists brave and good soldiers, just can't do it.

    As a side note, I cannot believe my buddies over here actually go out at 4AM to go fishing in the North Sea or the inlet. Boat was so small, about 30 feet for 10 guys, no way I said.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Maher didnt repeat what the guy said, Maher called American troops cowards, right after he said that people who were willing to fly a plane into a building werent.

    You can say what you want about these people, but anyone who is willing to die for their cause certainly is not a coward. Are their acts cowardly? Absolutely, but these guys have been willing to go toe to toe with the American army in the middle east with what equates to pea shooters against bazookas, for ten years now, they certainly arent cowards.
  4. OK. I guess their heroism, the terrorists, allows them some bonus in their perceived after life. If they can believe that kind of thing, then I guess one could them opportunists as well. All that kind of thinking, from whatever Religion, just gives me pause.
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    We never learned the lesson, we should have learned in vietnam, those guys werent cowards either. We are fighting an impossible war, any time you fight an enemy that has no fear for their own safety you cant possibly win.

    Because all it takes is one guy sitting in a tree, or a sand hut who is willing to pull the pin on a grenade, and take his own life, and so long as he can take 5 people with him, it is seen as a victory. If these guys really were cowards, like the french were in world war 2 we could have rolled over Iraq in a year and Afghanistan in a couple....... It simply becomes a war of attrition so long as we continue fighting enemies who are more than willing to die to cause us a little harm. They know that we know that, there is no more reason to be there.
  6. +100

    I totally agree. We cannot fight ghosts, extremist groups, the hidden societies, from anywhere. The Religious shroud does not make any of the murder tolerable.
  7. Maher was wrong, D'Souza was right, then and now.
    Thinking our enemy are cowards is why wer'e losing, and make no mistake, we're losing. War is not a zero sum game. If you're not winning, you're losing, and what I see sure as hell doesn't look like victory.
    Islamic terrorists are no more fanatical that the Japanese were during WWII. They were only to happy to go on suicide missions to further their cause. They too were prepared to fight and die to the very last man...right up until we proved we we're willing to do just that, which was to kill every god damn one of them if that's what it took. Suddenly the fanatics became reasonable.