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    Couldn't find anything on the news wires. Anyone know why this is going nuts?
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    small float, security sector is hot (and they received orders last month), momo begetting more momo, shorts likely have piled on in the last couple weeks (i had 3 weeks ago, got stopped out a point up, and couldn't get more shares)

    that's it.
  3. The stock is rallying in sympathy with TASR.
    It's the next "Big Thing" but without the short interest!

    They make $1 million a year with a profit margin of 10%.
    Market Cap after today: $260 Million

  4. Was trading around $28.50 forty minutes before the closing bell, and then did a MOONSHOT as the shorts came in to cover!

    Only a 2.88 million share float, and yet traded 5.6 million shares!
  5. I watched this at 15 go to 18, ,20 25 and waited for a pullback, but finally bought this at 23 on Monday when it resumed.
  6. Sold 39.5 + 16. 3 days.

    Can you top that Mr Market. CAN You, CAN YOU????!!!!

  7. Market Cap: $303 Million

    Price to Book: 6.65

    Price to Sales: 4.32

    Traded over 4 times the Float today!

  8. interesting setup on mags with the run to 40 and big pullback after that. there was a lot of late thursday push back to 40 on the paris terrorism threat(another excuse to run the stock). personally, i'm hoping for a gap up to fade this hard. the gap today at 32.50ish has to be filled at some point and i'd be wary of longing a stock that has more than doubled in three trading sessions.
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    dude, go out and get some meats and cheeses, only the finest, make some big sandwiches!!!:D
  10. bought at the breakout at $12, after "new 60 day high" and "at least 3X average volume" scan returned MAGS as a contender

    that was March 16

    my scan done at night on March 15, showed that MAGS traded 1 million+ shares that day, with huge price move. Prior ave volume was in the sub 50K range. Made me say "hmmm"

    A quick check of IBD group strength showed good group strength, also low shares outstanding, plus a "common sense check" indicated that with the recent news worldwide, the stock would benefit

    4000 shares bought at $12.00 on March 16, executed via Buy Stop Market order since I work 9A-5P at my "real job"

    have not done anything since that day, just watched my account grow by over $100,000, in about 2 weeks.

    Not bad for a trend follower, non-day trader, who places Buy Stop orders in the morning and then goes to work

    Long live Livermore, Weinstein, et all
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