"Magnet" test system

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  1. WhiteWolf


    Dec ES for Monday 10/17

    sell 1194.00 limit

    buy 1186.50 limit

    first target........1190.00

    The test system trades in even number lots ( 2 for the test)
    DO NOT take these trades...I am not a CTA or a commodity broker
    and the numbers above are for entertainment only. There is real risk of loss...so don't trade this !!!!!

    If the market opens at 8:30 outside the above numbers...test is cancelled. If there is still a positin open at 3PM Chicago time the test system will exit at market. If no buy or sell has been hit by 11 am Chicago time the test is cancelled. Once a buy or sell number is hit the test account will enter a 3 pt stop. So if 1194.00 hits first the stop would be to buy 2 at 1197.00 stop. A buy limit would be entered at 1190.00 to buy one (exit one short). If that hits..the stop at 1197.00 is cancelled and a stop to buy one at 1194 is entered (breakeven) and the second target to exit is the buy number of 1186.50

    The whole thing is just reversed if the buy number hits first.
    That's it..........we'll see tomorrow how it does.

  2. WhiteWolf


    results for Monday +4 and +0.........net +4

    For Tues 10/18.....Dec mini S&P

    sell ....1196.75 limit

    buy ... 1191.00 limit

    first target..........1194.25

    the rules...8:30 chicago time open must be between buy and sell numbers. If that happens..a fill must happen before 11am ...system using a 3 pt protective stop once in a trade. exit 1 contract at the "first target" price...second target becomes the buy or sell number that didn't get filled, and a stop is placed at breakeven if the first target is reached.

    Remember: do NOT take these trades...I am not a broker or a CTA.....and you can take MAJOR losses trading. This is not trading advise....it is strictly for entertainment.

  3. WhiteWolf


    This is a test of a system..do NOT take these trades...I am not a broker or a CTA...and the post is for entertainment only...mainly yours..I'm not having much fun with it so far this week


    Tues...... - 6

    For Wed the system is

    selling 1186.00

    buying 1177.00

    first target would be 1181.50

    3 pt stop per contract ( sysytem trades 2 lots) once first target is reached..stop moves to breakeven and 2nd target is the unhit number.

  4. WhiteWolf


    results so far into the test...

    Monday +4
    Tues -6
    Wed -6

    for Thursday

    sell 1208.00

    buy 1193.00

    first target 1200.50

    I am not a broker or CTA...DO NOT take these trades..This is only a system being tested and is for entertainment only. It is not trading advise.
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    What is so unique about using Pivot Points?