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    I saw a commerical the other day for Magic Jack, a gadget that gives you unlimited calling to the US and Canada for only $20/year. You just plug it into the USB port on your computer and your phone into the Magic Jack.

    Has anyone used this before? This looks like it may give the phone companies some nice competition.
  2. yup. Got rid of Vonage. Got this. You have to leave the computer on because it runs off the power of the USB port. Other than that, support, all of it. Sometimes I've had a connection issue. But I run a ton of stuff. I just cut back on some apps. You know, price/quality/service? For 20 bucks a year, wtf.

    they give you a free trial. No hassle. Try it.

    Know what. I thought it was too good to be true because it was so, so cheap. But I save 400 a year over Vonage. Vonage will forward you calls to you cell phone and still ring your office at the same time. On this one, you have to hit the website, and hit 'enable forwarding." And they're making improvements all the time. They just signed ATT for Intl calls.
  3. Few questions...

    1) If your computer is turned off, and you get a call, does it go to voicemail?

    2) If you unplug the magic jack from the USB port, and you get a call, what happens to that call? Does it go to voicemail?

    3) Can I use the magic jack in Europe or anywhere in the world to make free unlimited calls to the U.S.?
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  6. I really don't know, because I just leave it on. Just go to the site and go to the Q and A.
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  10. You must work for a phone company. Are you worried about being downsized thanks to the Magic Jack?
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