Magic GUI Widget to Represent C++ Structs

Discussion in 'Programming' started by clearinghouse, May 9, 2012.

  1. Along the lines of 'ODB' (the C++ ORM system from CodeSynthesis), are there any utilities that can, say, preprocess a structure or class description and generate a GUI widget that allows for automatic generation of either a table or a form that allows for manipulation of a widget?

    The purpose of such a utility would be so that I could just run some utilities as part of a build process that would automatically create the widget I need, instead of me having to write code or some special logic to handle some variable in a table.

    I essentially want something that takes a 'class Foo', gives it a table gui that can be pre-loaded with a Foo, manipulated, and then queried so I can copy-construct a Foo back into some other place (or maybe even take a reference) where I can use it.

    I'm a QT user, but if another framework had something like this I'd switch. If I were doing this work from scratch, I'd go from a struct to some QT .ui file; but I'm open to options. I just don't want to do this work from scratch if possible.
  2. 'propertygrid' is a common term for functionality like this.

    there are propertygrids in qt if you google around you should find something.