Magic and the "subconscious"

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  1. you are probably right. sad isnt it? i guess it just proves that no matter how far we advance superstition will always be with us.
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  2. devil

    d--- evil

    evil--- live

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  3. Actually I had just watched a Star Wars movie (my 7-year old son
    is obsessed with Star Wars) the night before so I thought it was
    time to repeat Darth Vader's famous line.

    But I do feel kind of weird after eating Deviled eggs... :p
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  4. Spxdes


    I believe that we only use 10% of our hearts.
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  5. mhashe


    The guy in that link is a lunatic. He needs to get back on his Bipolar medication.

    A excerpt:


    What is Shambhala? Where is it located?
    Shambhala is a place in the Himalayas where Elder Brothers of Humanity live and guide our evolution. It is a valley at about 12,000 feet altitude with a main multi-storey tower attached to the rock and a complex network of caves and underground facilities. Read Supermundane (The Inner Life of Brotherhood) for more details. In Tibetan Buddhism, Panchen Lama of Tashiding Monastery is supposed to be an Ambassador of Shambhala who issues passports to enter it. According to Tibetans, Buddha visited Shambhala and gave the Kalachakra Teaching to the King of Shambhala at that time. Christ received his final initiations in Shambhala during his travels in India and Tibet. Maitreya is the current King of Shambhala. Read "On the Eastern Crossroads" for more details.

    No one can visit Shambhala unless one has been Called.


    What is the relationship between MM and Jesus of Nazareth?

    MM was His Teacher and when Jesus could not complete His mission, MM/Maitreya entered Jesus's body and helped bring it to completion.


    Someone needs to tell the psychotic loon that .... No "Shambala" does not exist and no "MM/Maitreya" never entered Jesus' body. Now get back to taking your meds and stop using too much meth/crack.
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  6. regarding the yogi link--i found this interesting:

    <i>What is your attitude to Christianity?
    We embrace Christianity as the Living Teaching of Jesus Christ. We reject Christianity as a set of dead dogmas which stifle natural evolution of humanity on the path of Love, Beauty and Knowledge. Each Christian Church can be tried using the litmus test of similarity with the original Teaching of Christ, His own words and deeds. Those confessions which diverged the most deserve the least of our sympathy. Let's distinguish the Teaching of Christ from the Church and remember what Christ himself thought about the institute of organized religion, churches etc</i>

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  7. BVM88


    Sorry paperboy, I just saw your post. With the exception of recent days I do not visit ET that often, but I’m surprised you made the post less than a month ago – it feels like 3 months when I posted to this thread, and I’m amazed the thread even lasted longer than a few days. Malachi Martin to answer your question was a Jesuit priest and well known exorcist. You can download the interview from most peer to peer networks; that is, if you are interested or you have not already done so. He also had a couple of interesting talks with Major Ed Dames who is a remote viewer that worked for the military. Personally, I believe that all religions are the greatest obstacle to the truth, but Malachi Martin had an unadulterated honesty about him that one rarely sees today. I came across that interview some time after he passed away so regretfully I will never have an opportunity to ask him the questions that I would have liked.

    As for the rest of you who are so certain about the lack of a devil or another world to our own (spiritually speaking) you may consider getting hold of that 5 hour interview he did with Art Bell in 1996 as well, or read his book

    I am sure he will water down your beliefs a little at least.
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  8. Amen......or something.
    There is a lot (ok, some internet sites of unknown validity) to suggest jc used a wide variety of traditional herbal healing, and a degree of shamanic (pagan) ritual to in fact achieve his miracles, using in all likelihood "subconscious " or mental methods in fact not just common, but routine among buddhist monks, and a wide variety of ayuverdic and traditional healers across the known world at the time.

    Just a thought.

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  9. Maybe that's why I feel better after jogging.

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  10. Don't ask me.
    I am using less than 5% of those grey stuff.
    I don't even know why they call it grey!
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