Magic and the "subconscious"

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  1. Buddhist/Tibetan beliefs say that tantric practices (chanting while meditating) can result in very powerful Magick.
    The saying is "right handed" tantric practice is while still dangerous can and will give the practitioner powers of magick but the "left hand" tantric practice is using the "dark forces" and downright dangerous to the person who will invoke them. to Tantra
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  2. Hello all...

    When you want to go into that path, beware not to fall into the force of darkness.

    Meaning, in this world there is only 2 sources of supranatural powers, one from God, and the other from the Devil.

    If you want supranatural powers, just pray and get closer to God. If you follow dont-know-what rituals and expect fast results, it is likely you are worshipping the Devil. As a result you will get ur supranatural powers quickly but u fall into the darkness and will be toyed with by the Devil.


    My friend told me about his former employee, he could 'tap' using his fingers instead of an ouija board. End up in a serious possessed case and talked in a foreign language (It was a language from a country he never been to, but my friend knew).

    So just be careful....

    About that delta and theta...they simply mean states of mind. When you are deeply relaxed, you can remember better, think better, concentrate better, etc. That kind of idea. And if you train yourself, supposedly u can enter this phase as you wish.

    I once saw a demonstration. It was a course teaching people about brain waves. A former graduate was called to the front to demonstrate to us. The speaker chatted with each of us. Asked about what we're thinking. Answers range from burgers to cars to soccer teams to pets. It was amazing, she could remember and recall everything we said, down to details and our names. Including my answer at that time. She could recall my pet, his coat colour, his name, his breed. And thats only from me. She did this for each and every one, close to 20s. One or 2 guys (see, even I can't remember) gave a phone number. You have to be there, it was way too amazing, she could recall even the numbers.

    OK.....but dont use mythical/ supranatural powers. It's too dangerous IMO.
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  4. You don't know the Power of the Darkside...
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  5. They certainly know about this. Btw, till a few years back, they believed that the moon was a lamp-like object, i.e. not reflecting the sun's rays.

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  7. how is it that we got to 2006 and people still believe in devils?
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  8. Nah! It is dumb silly! We are not kids anymore.
    The so called source of supranatural powers is within ourselves.
    If you can use 15% instead of less than 10% of your own brain, you are God or Devil.
    If you can use 20% you become Zeus.
    If you can use 30%,..., well, I don't know, I am using only 5%, but I know that bogeyman is a fake.
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  9. Hoho,
    Is that so?
    How do you know that?
    In what you would call "powers within ourselves", how do you separate "natural" powers from "supranatural" powers?
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  10. You clearly hold a minority opinion. An overwhelming majority of people believe in God and in good and evil.
    There you got your devil.
    It used to be like that in 0006, 1006.
    It will still be so in 3006, God willing, independent of what vehn 'believes' to be 'correct thinking' for 2006.
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