Magic and the "subconscious"

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  1. yes, but magick is hardly a hidden spelling. the way i understand it is the deliberate mispelling ov words is a tool used to mess with order and control.

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  2. i asked the chaos magickian whom i met that exact question. the answer was--- "i don't know why". if you look at the old leaders in that world--- allister crowley, austin osmond spare, etc--- they mostly die broke and mentally messed up. that should be clue number one.

    however, this guy claims to succesfully trade using astral projection...... the facts are--he is/was a noted floor trader at one point.


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    That doesn't surprise me at all. Most people attracted to magick usually start off with various meditation, yoga, or zen systems and when the 'results' don't follow or aren't enough to satisfy their egos they opt for the more the more esoteric, supernatural, and fantasy land of magick.
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    Looks like he's into remote viewing which is nothing but OBE/astral projections. Amazonian medicince men have been using this for ages. Tied to an elevated state of being in Kabbalah sufism and Hinduism. What's Deja Vu? Also of interest. US military has been working on remote viewing since the early 60's, wonder what they found so far.
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  6. They found Saddam in his rabbit hole... :p
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  7. :p :) On the other hand, it's quite easy to find members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians who are multi-millionaires. What rhymes with "Gopperfield?" Who is David Blaine? When hold-em poker players have a pair of queens, what do they say? Who is Lance Burton?

    "Magic" has its multi-millionaires. "Magick" has, um, an aura of mystery.
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  8. was quite surprised to see the length of this thread...then again who doesn't like magic/k!!!:cool:

    imo, i am a believer in the self-ability to change/bend one's perception to a different level. My belief stops at the ability to alter your perception so much that others begin to see it as you do! Your brain is mysterious and complex...though not enough as to force an effect on another's.

    when humans try to answer life's mysteries, the best we come up with is magic, fate, and belief.

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  9. Im not convinced it (magckik??) can , no.
    Plain old propaganda works so well, after all, who would need it? Seriously?
    As for making money, which i presume is the topic, well who knows.
    The subconscious on the other hand, which is far from a nebulous concept, ive established can do pretty good, IF you can find an effective means of listening to it.
    IF-is a mighty big word, seems to me.
    Oh, any help would be appreciated on that.
    Already have a notepad, have a pen.

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  10. Magick is just a word. Perhaps for something more subliminal but still scientific. Are you sure there are "absolute" realities? What if our senses only register a small part of it?
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