Magic and the "subconscious"

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  1. Interesting surfer

    Perhaps with a higher awarness there is only a now!? Or more or less probable futures. Like if we could see everything clearly, there is only a here.
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  2. BVM88


    Before anyone seriously considers getting involved in Magick they should also listen to this interview with Malachi Martin That interview should give one a good idea of the forces that they
    may encounter in their quest. Best to know what you may encounter beyond the door before you open it IMHO.

    As for changing one’s mind state, my experience through the practice of Yoga & Chi Kung has been that each mind state has it’s own breath rhythm and one can easily change their state of mind just by changing (and focusing on) their breathing.
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  3. I can´t listen to it but he talks about black magick? Using demons? Magick is just focused thinking i guess. It´s much more dangerous to not be able to concentrate
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  4. Surf,
    If I remember my history correctly, the pagans began to misspell their messages for fear of the christians collecting evidence against them. Magic, out of need, took on many different spellings. Magic it self is a very old word. No modern day illusionist invented the word.

    Not that it matters. Perhaps giving different meaning to the different spellings helps some people, but illusion is just that, illusion.
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  5. jmho

    When, after a long suffering trading and researching and experimenting you suddenly find that you are anticipating the market, THIS IS MAGIC.

    All else is illusion.
    But there is a good catch. You can trick your subconscious and MAKE it act for your benefit and maybe reach MAGIC sooner than you can think of.
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  6. Google: 'definition magick:
    Definitions of Magick on the Web:

    " The art of focusing your will and emotions to effect change in the world around you and the world within you. It is important to remember that magick is neutral, it is neither good or bad... only our intentions are good or bad. Magick will only take the path of least resistance."

    Changing brainwaves:

    How about 'Psycho-Cybernetics' ?
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  7. before I take any major position I slay a chicken and spill its blood all over my keyboard.
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  8. If there are people making millions of dollars by trading the markets using magick, they sure do keep quiet about it. Several other approaches to market success have many visible practitioners:

    Floor Trading: Jon Najarian, Tom Basso
    Naked Options Selling: Max Ansbacher
    Stock Arbitrage: Steven A. Cohen
    Futures Mechanical Systems: Toby Crabel, Monroe Trout
    Value Investing, Stocks: Warren Buffet
    et cetera.

    But there isn't any famous "I trade using magick" multi-millionaire, at least not that I'm aware of. Nor have any of the six dozen top traders profiled in the three Market Wizards books, proclaimed that magick is the reason for their success.

    Perhaps such people do exist and perhaps they're quietly amassing huge fortunes, successfully trading using Magick. If so, they certainly are talented at preventing others from finding out about it.
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  9. You are only telling half the truth.
    There is more than that.
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  10. Kensho


    Introduction and Theormes:

    This introduction provides some insights, but most other writings on this subject seem to be a waste as they focus on the supernatural, but it seems the same can be said of many other systems that start off as an interesting path of science/philosophy and devolve into new age jingoism designed to 'help' you.
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