Magic 8 Ball Thread - Ask Your Questions & Post Your Answers

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    In the spirit of reconciliation between longs and shorts, and given the arbitrary and biased drivel that is posted here daily (I admit my guilt - sometimes, but not often, IMO) about grand theories and attempting predictions, and various other theories, hypotheses and outright stratagems - let us all just ask the mighty 8 ball a question and post the answer.

    Please keep the thread light.

    Who knows, maybe the magic 8 ball will actually produce a productive trading strategy - stranger things have happened.

    One rule only: You must post the actual answer the 8 ball provides; no exceptions (honor code).

    I'll go first.

    Q: Is now a historically good time to short U.S. equities?

  2. Question: is the stock market in a new bull market?

    Answer: Outlook not so good
  3. Q. Does the SEC help investors.

    A. "No way"
  4. Q: Does the U.S. central bank desire a weak US dollar?

    A: Definitely.
  5. ak15


    Q Are so called Direct access brokers actually bucket shops?

    A. You bet.
  6. q: Should I maintain my energy longs?

    a: No Way!
  7. Q. Will the US suffer a protracted HyperInflative Depression?

    A. Ask me later.
  8. lmao!
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    Q: Is Timmay a complete tool?

    A: Yes.
  10. Don't know who Timmay is (from south park?) but LOL :D
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