Maggie - Marry Me !

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  1. For some strange reason I was tuned to Bloomberg today instead of CNBC....I guess I was just too busy at my computer.
    But every time I looked up, there she was: Margaret a tight, dark brown sweater. Man, is she a "spinner" or what ?

    Does anyone know if she's engaged or evening dating someone steady ? I'm ready to take the next train up to NYC to propose !
  2. Crispy


    I met her on the east end here. She vacations on Shelter Island. Very hot body and cute face, but as dour as dour can be...I bet she just lays back and lets you do the work. Smart as a whip though.
  3. OK!
  4. Hmmm, she's Jewish! :D
  5. Dude - you mean you saw her walking down the street, right ?
    Where exactly did you meet her ? At a bar ? Which ?

    No problem...and she can sit on my face if she wants.

    Gotta be making $300k + bonus. I wonder where she got her MBA ? NYU ? Now, there....go meet her again, and ask.
    Always remember, with really hot chicks, don't act shy......just....
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  7. Omigosh....Maggie has....
    Good Looks
    Great Body
    Great Legs

    What did I miss ?
  8. I bet that no 69 with this jewish gal. Little bit older for my taste but in emergency i would sacrifice and helped her out...
  9. re: sacrifice.....Hah ! If you are that cavalier, please post pix of your current GF.

    Also, where do you guys get this "jewish" label...she's Irish, right ?

    Also, where did you see info on her age ?
  10. Are you drunk ? LOL
    Who, in their right mind, would post a pic of the GF on the forum ?
    Age ? I just go by the look. I prefer asian girls below 23 years old.
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