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    It really is an ETF.
    wtf? Bitcoin, weed... and now this.
    We gotta be near a top.

    The investment seeks to track the performance, before fees and expenses, of the Point Bridge GOP Stock Tracker Index. Under normal circumstances, at least 80% of the fund's total assets will be invested in the component securities of the index. The index uses an objective, rules-based methodology to track the performance of companies whose employees and political action committees are highly supportive of Republican candidates for election to the United States Congress, the Vice Presidency, or the Presidency ("Candidates") and party-affiliated federal committees or groups that are subject to federal campaign contribution limits. The fund is non-diversified.
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    Max E.

    Make America Great Again!!!! :D funny stuff Van havent laughed this hard at the market in a while!

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    Its "The Super Terrific Happy Hour". Soes is buyin'.
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  4. nspr we had a, .17 entry

    join us in the free room
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  5. mite sell 1/2 at .30 tonite, 27 now
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    Come on So(z)es.... NSPR is only up 35% on a mere 69 Million share ah's.... you can do better than that. This market is undervalued. Wait till the retail players jump in.
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  7. secret is , dont even watch these, just buy, feed the cat , sanitize the bowl, then come back and bank.
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    Feed the cat?
    You must mean Cryptokitties. I ordered mine this morning.
  9. stuck at 27 , damn , hate when that happens
  10. Another meaningless ETF, or mutual fund, or newly-created index etc etc.
    If you want to be innovative or creative work or dabble in Silicon Valley and startups, but Wall St is not the place to do it.

    The same people who buy into this stuff deserve to lose it, just like Bitcoin investors/traders.
    Even though the world of finance is constantly evolving, the mechanics and ideologies behind it are as old and conservative as the column pillars. and that won't change anytime soon.
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